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Season 3

Episode 67

(As long she is fine(2)

"Okay," nodded Cherry. She knew that Jackson loved his Grandpa very much, and that the elderly Andrew needed the care and company of his close relatives. She understood Jackson's thoughts.    

 "Let's go and get ready to go out," said Jackson, as he touched Cherry's face.

 "Okay, I'll go and get changed," said Cherry, and quickly left.     

After they were ready, Jackson drove with Cherry to the shopping mall.     

In the luxurious high-class villa, Mond sat on the sofa and looked at Sally and Stephen next to him. Jean was also standing there, behind him.     

"What are you going to do about the party?" asked Mond.     

Sally stared straight with a hateful look in her eyes, and said, "Jackson and Cherry will definitely go to the party, and so will Derek and Selina." Sally paused for a moment, and continued to say, "Let's start with the child."  

"No," immediately declined Stephen. "Our target is Jackson, not an innocent child."    
Sally looked at Stephen furiously, and said, "He isn't innocent, because he's Jackson and Cherry's son!"    

"Why does it matter that he's Cherry's son? After Jackson and Cherry got married, you should have known already that they would eventually have a child together," said Stephen.     

Sally looked at Stephen even more irately, and retorted, "I wasn't here at that time, but if I was, I wouldn't have let them hold the wedding ceremony in the first place!"    

"It's meaningless to talk about the past now," suddenly said Jean, who was standing behind Mond. "Sally, if you truly had the ability, you should have made Jackson your man five years ago. Do we still need to talk about this?"  

"Jean, is it easy for you to say that? Do you really think that I didn't want to do that?" Sally roared at Jean. She hadn't regarded Cherry as a normal person for a long time, and no one thought that Jean was innocent, because she had been pulled out of that place by Mond. Even John might have felt disgusted by her if he saw her.     

"Oh, you can only blame yourself for being useless!" said Jean with a disdainful expression on her face, but without looking at Sally anymore.     

"You..." Sally stood up furiously and wanted to give her two hard slaps across the face. She thought, 'How dare this bitch criticize me?'    

"Sit down," suddenly snorted Mond, as he cast his gaze on Sally. She had always been unable to hold her temper, and maybe that was because her childhood was worry-free, and that she still hadn't grown up yet, even though she had gone through some hardships herself.  

 Seeing that Mond was irritated, Sally slowly and silently sat down on her seat.     
Mond then glanced at Jean, after he saw Sally quiet again, he said to her, "If you want to stay here, then shut up."    

Jean also lowered her head and didn't say another word.     

Mond paused for some time, and then said, "Sally will accompany Stephen to the party."    

Everybody was dead silent after they heard Mond's words.     

He continued to say, "Jean will accompany me, and I will attend the party as the chairman of the ZM Group. Someone will take care of everything, and you two just have to follow me."  

Jean suddenly walked to Mond's side and sat down beside him. She pulled his arm and happily asked, "Am I your partner?"    

Mond glared at Jean without saying a word to her.     

Jean was so frightened that she immediately took her hands from Mond and stopped smiling.     

Mond then turned his attention onto Stephen and Sally, and said, "This time we won't take any action. I just have to meet with Jackson first, and Cherry with her sister."    

Hearing Mond's words, Jean said in a distressed manner, "I don't want to meet that bitch! She lives such a good life now, why do I have to see her?"    

Hearing Jean's words, Sally said, "Think about how you'll be facing John first!" 

 Sally's words made Jean's expression immediately change. John was her former husband, and she wondered how would his reaction be when he saw her again after all these years. Would he still remember her?     

A trace of sorrow then crept into Jean's heart when she remembered the Ye Family and the house where she had once lived for a short time with her former husband. Would he actually remember her?     

When they saw that Jean had become silent, Stephen and Mond also didn't speak, because they both knew the reason. Although Jean was such a low person, John was her formal husband after all, and even if there was no love between them left, they still had at least a trace of compassion for one another. Jean couldn't be indifferent when she heard John's name.     

The atmosphere in the room then became very dull, and nobody said anything anymore.   

Eventually, Stephen broke the dull atmosphere. He looked at Mond, and said, "As you said, this party is just a form of meeting them, but at the same time we have to announce the true status of the ZM Group. As for Jackson, the Anshi Group will have more interactions with the ZM Group and the JS Group later, and that time, Selina will only be a small issue, compared to our real target, Jackson."    

Mond's eyes gleamed with a murderous look in them, and he said, "Yes, the JS Group, I will raze the JS Group's building to the ground and make Jackson go bankrupt! I want him to beg me on his knees and give back all that he had and has been enjoying these past years."    

When they saw Mond's eyes, both Sally and Stephen became afraid. Revenge was a horrible thing, and the people who wanted to take their revenge never had an end for it.  They only had illusions of it ending.   

Sally suddenly said, "And that child, that child must die! I don't want to see Jackson's spawn with another woman!"



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