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Season 6

Episode 66

(Accidental Pregnancy (16)

He clearly knew he was going to Hui Shi just for her.

This wasn’t the first time he had had such an impulse. When he’d returned from America on business, he had specifically called her to bring him a document because he had missed her so much.

Because he loved little troublemaker, he well knew what this impulse meant so, for a long time, he never went to Hui Shi, at least not until that day he had attended the party with his old military pals.

When he’d received a call from Xiaowang telling him that his grandpa and Liang Doukou had arrived at Hui Shi, he had rushed there at once because he was so worried about her.

He had sensed some fear that that Liang Doukou and grandpa would try to humiliate her, but what had actually happened was significantly worse.

The moment he had seen her resignation letter, his rage hadn’t been aimed at Liang Doukou or grandpa but at her.

He had been totally annoyed that she had even considered leaving him, but he had become soft-hearted when he had noticed her scalded wrist and stained clothes.

This feeling mixed with anger and love was familiar to him, because this is how he had felt with little troublemaker over and over, and now he was having this same feeling about her.

Later, at the Majestic Clubhouse, he hadn’t intended to drink but, when his fellow soldiers had asked him when he would get married, he suddenly thought of little troublemaker. At that time, he had just meant to speak a few words about her, but when he had said, “I’m waiting for a person whose return date is unknown,” Qin Zhi’ai’s face had suddenly sprung to his mind without any reason.

He was sure that he deeply loved little troublemaker, but he hadn’t understood why he would care so much about Qin Zhi’ai.

So, he had opened his mouth again. “I’m still waiting for her.”

His friends had thought he had just said something off the cuff, but only he had known that he had been speaking to himself.

The person he loved was little troublemaker, and the person he waited for was also little troublemaker. He would never love anyone else. Even if he might meet another girl in the future, he would only let her down.

He had only been temporarily obsessed with Qin Zhi’ai, because her eyes looked like those of little troublemaker. He didn’t genuinely love her.

That night he had repeatedly told himself that, but the more he had tried to convince himself the more confused he had become and the more alcohol he had consumed until he was totally drunk.

By the time he had left the Majestic Clubhouse, he had immediately noticed her standing across the street.

What is she doing out alone at midnight?

Then he had noticed that she was also looking at him.

Seeing her standing there had been confusing, so he had ignored her and gotten in the car to leave.

Through the rearview mirror, though, he had seen that she was following him in a taxi.

Does she care about me because I’m drunk?

From that point, he had begun to nod off. He had completely forgotten how she had gotten into his villa and had sex with him.

He only knew that it was noon when he had woken up the next day, and he was alone in the quiet villa.

He had made love with little troublemaker several times, so he clearly had known what it had felt like on the next morning after being with her. Even though he hadn’t remembered everything, the feelings in his body and the vague memories in his mind had told him that he had had sex with someone that night.

To find out what had happened, he had gone to the residential security department to review the video from the closed-circuit television. It was then he had realized that he had been so drunk that he hadn’t even closed his front door when he’d returned home.



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