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Season 6

Episode 65

(Accidental Pregnancy (15)

“Okay,” Xiaowang agreed, after being stunned for a moment.

Having worked for Gu Yusheng for as long as he had, Xiaowang had inevitably become sharper about how his boss thought. Although these instructions were simple, Xiaowang understood the implication behind them.

He stood by Gu Yusheng’s bedside before eventually, unable to suppress his curiosity, asking, “Master Gu, do you suspect Secretary Qin’s kidnapping was not just incidental?”

Gu Yusheng did not reply but lowered his eyes to acknowledge Xiaowang’s conjecture.

If Secretary Qin’s kidnapping wasn’t random, then someone must have premeditated it.


Xiaowang couldn’t fully comprehend. “Whoever instigated this attack, especially of this magnitude, must have connections to the underworld, because to mobilize those men would have cost an astronomical amount of money. But Master Gu, Secretary Qin is only a secretary from a normal family. She has yet to even graduate from school. Why would anyone want to spend that kind of money to harm her?”

“Yeah, why would that person be willing to spend so much money just to deal with her?” Gu Yusheng asked coolly.

Xiaowang stared blankly for a moment before catching the meaning behind his rhetorical question.

Yes… Assuming that it was not purely a coincidence, and that someone was willing to spend a huge sum of money to deal with Secretary Qin, then something fishy must be going on.

After grasping the situation, Xiaowang nodded his head and asked, “Master Gu, do you already have a rough idea of who the mastermind is?”

Another thing he had learned from working for so long with Gu Yusheng was that he would never commit to anything he was unsure about. Since he had instructed him to investigate further, he probably already had a rough idea about who the guilty party might be.

Still on an intravenous drip and with so many business matters having been dealt with, Gu Yusheng was tired and shut his eyes without replying to Xiaowang.

Xiaowang knew that meant Gu Yusheng would not continue further with the conversation, so he took his leave.

Shortly after Xiaowang had left, Gu Yusheng gradually opened his eyes again.

“Master Gu, do you already have a rough idea of who the mastermind is?”

Xiaowang’s question echoed in his ears, and his eyelids fluttered before he stared straight into the white walls and focused his thoughts.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know if Qin Zhi’ai’s kidnapping was purely a coincidence or premeditated.

Have I been too eager to figure out if Qin Zhi’ai is little troublemaker, and I’ve driven Liang Doukou to desperation?

If I’d been less anxious to uncover the truth, I wouldn’t have tested Liang Doukou so much at the party.

I should have followed my original plan to play along with Qin Zhi’ai slowly.

The only reason I suddenly changed the plan was because things were getting out of control.

Even though I’d originally wanted to be close to her because her eyes resembled those of little troublemaker, she began to grow on me… to the point that we slept together just days ago.

After returning from Hainan, that’s when I realized she held a special place in my heart.

Gu Yusheng spent his night continuing to think through the truth about her and her kidnapping, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. When Xiaowang picked him up the next morning, despite having urgent work to take care of at the Gu Company, he suddenly asked Xiaowang to drive him to Hui Shi instead.





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