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Season 6

Episode 43

(The Girl Who Taught Me to Love Was Gone (13)

The content of his letter still revolved around his previous question: Do you know why a woman is determined not to spend a man’s money?

He had thanked her for her answer and then proceeded to talk about the girl he liked.

Back then, he hadn’t told her what had happened with the girl, so when she had written back, she had asked, “Does the girl you like share your feelings, too?”

She had presumed Mr. S was on assignment, because she didn’t receive his reply until the end of summer break this year.

His letter had been simple and generally conveyed his apologies for the late reply, attributing it to his busy schedule.

That was probably the shortest letter she’d ever received from him throughout all their years writing. To her question, he had only vaguely replied, “A, the girl who taught me to love, was gone.”

There was a water stain on the word “gone,” from tears that had dried.

By that time, she had been away from Gu Yusheng for seven months, and time had lessened how unbearable that situation had been, but seeing Mr. S’s reply had triggered her sad memories. When she’d written back to him, she’d added, “I’m in the same situation as you. I left the man I love.”

Less than a month later, he had written back and consoled her, stating that they were in the same boat.

When she had first started exchanging letters with Mr. S, she had told him that there was a man whom she loved deeply, so Mr. S was the only person in the world who knew that she had loved a man for eight years.

At the end of that letter, he had asked, “A, you wasted eight years of your youth for that man. Now that he’s married, what plans are you making for your future? Aren’t you going to start fresh?”

In her letter, she’d given an honest reply. “Mr. S, I don’t know. I might start fresh, but I haven’t made plans for that yet. Because… you know what? I had the courage to leave him but not the power to forget him.”

She had asked him the same question. “How about you, Mr. S? Now that the girl you love has left you, what are you going to do? Will you give up?”

That letter had been mailed last month.

Since then, she had been busy with job hunting and subsequently becoming Gu Yusheng’s secretary. Given the chain of events she’d been experiencing, she had little time to spare and only managed to read Mr. S’s letter now.

His reply wasn’t too long. He recommended a movie, which was no longer screening in theaters.

He also had enclosed a photo. Previously, she had mentioned that she hoped to visit Changbai Mountain to see the snow and found it regretful that she never had the opportunity to do so. Coincidentally, Mr. S had visited the mountain, so he had printed a photo of the snowscape for her.

Mr. S described to her in detail the numerous interesting things that he’d seen on Changbai Mountain. He only replied her question at the very end of his letter. “A, I’m different from you. I’m very sure that I will never give up.”

“In the past, I never thought about love. Now, I only think about her.”

“She is my battlefield. I would rather die in the battle than surrender.”

Qin Zhi’ai had never met Mr. S in person, but based on these few words she strongly felt his resolve and determination.



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