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Season 6

Episode 3

(Mango Juice, Little Troublemaker, Final Destination (3)

Ever since Gu Yusheng had seen her scar last night, Qin Zhi’ai’s heart had been unsettled.

She felt slightly more at ease when Gu Yusheng acted normally during the dinner party, as if nothing had happened.

When Xiaowang had informed her about their flight at 2:00 p.m. the next day as they drove to the hotel after dinner, Gu Yusheng, who had been especially reticent the whole night, said, “We can sleep in.”

With that joke, Qin Zhi’ai had finally been able to calm down after having been uptight all night.

When she reached her hotel room, she even thought that perhaps her guilty conscience had made her overly nervous.

During their flight back to Beijing today and the meal earlier, he seemed like how he had always been, so she truly thought that yesterday’s incident had blown over.

But when the waiter had brought them two glasses of mango juice, she realized the situation was not resolved as she’d imagined. They were just getting started.

No wonder he never returned with Xiaowang after leaving the meal halfway earlier on.

He must have arranged this, including the excuse for her to escort him back to his villa.

Luckily she had remained wary and turned on her GPS. If not, she would have truly fallen into his well-planned trap.

Afraid that Gu Yusheng would notice her thinking, she quickly flashed Gu Yusheng a faint smile. “Really?”

Calmly taking a seat as she spoke, she pulled the glass of mango juice toward her and stirred it with the straw before continuing, “I’ll have to try it then.”

Qin Zhi’ai had reacted calmly throughout. She reacted vastly different from how she had when he’d passed her a mango milk tea when they had been on the walkway.

Gu Yusheng lowered his eyes so that she would not notice that he had been sizing her up. Lifting up the other glass of mango juice, he took his time to take a sip before nonchalantly saying, “You can make a song request in this cafe. Do you want to pick a song?”

Qin Zhi’ai hesitated at Gu Yusheng’s sudden change of topic before she shook her head and replied, “No.”

“In that case, I’ll choose a song,” said Gu Yusheng, and he raised his hand to beckon a waiter standing nearby.

When the waiter was close enough, instead of speaking aloud, Gu Yusheng stood up slightly and whispered into the waiter’s ear.

Qin Zhi’ai’s instincts told her something was up, but all she could do was keep her cool and prepare to react.

Following Gu Yusheng’s request, the pleasant instrumental music that had been playing suddenly stopped. With few customers in the cafe at ten o’clock, no background music made the cafe exceptionally quiet.

But within a minute, a pleasant tune could be heard emanating from every corner of the cafe.

Qin Zhi’ai was more than familiar with the interlude.

Her hands, which were placed on her lap and concealed by the tablecloth, turned into fists.

She maintained a calm appearance and remained silent in her seat, pretending not to notice the probing look in Gu Yusheng’s eyes.

Eventually, her eyelashes fluttered, and she said, “The prelude is very pleasant.”



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