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Season 6

Episode 1

(Mango Juice, Little Troublemaker, Final Destination (1)

He had removed his suit and threw it to her before leaving.

She shouted anxiously behind him, “Gu Yusheng!”

He did not turn his head, and that was when she pushed him, and an oncoming car knocked her over.

That night, he was the one who had sent her to the hospital, but before heading there he had to stop the bleeding on her leg. This is why he remembered the location so vividly.

Gu Yusheng’s heart was pumping hard. Kneeling abruptly, he took ahold of Qin Zhi’ai’s calf again.

His grabbing it pulled Qin Zhi’ai back to her senses. She looked at him, baffled, until she noticed how intensely he was staring at her calf. She frowned and followed his gaze to the scar on her leg.

In that instant, memories of the past came rolling into her mind. Her fingers quivered slightly as anxiety and uneasiness surged through her heart.

Could he… Could he suspect that I am Liang Doukou’s double?

Memories of meeting him at the university played out like a movie in front of her.

That night at the Majestic Clubhouse, he was seated right next to her when she told Xu Wennuan that she wants to work at Hui Shi.

Soon after, Hui Shi was acquired, and although she had applied for a job in design, she ended up as the CEO’s secretary.

Then that night at the team-building event, he stared into her eyes and called her little troublemaker. He even asked about her period.

And now, he pays attention to the scar on my leg…

Could he have suspected from the start that I’m Liang Doukou’s body double?

When she swapped back her identity with Liang Doukou, admittedly, the way in which Liang Doukou tried to pay her off was slightly contemptuous and insulting.

However, had it not been for Liang Doukou, she would never have had the chance to be by Gu Yusheng’s side last year.

Gu Yusheng had been aware that Liang Doukou had found herself a body double, but he did not know who she was, and this proved that she didn’t want him to know.

From the start, her transaction with Liang Doukou had been fueled by both of their own personal motives, so she was, to some extent, guilty herself.

Now, regardless of why Gu Yusheng wanted to look for Liang Doukou’s double, she would never steal anything that belonged to Liang Doukou nor would she attack her Liang Doukou if she were vulnerable.

As this thought formed in her mind, Qin Zhi’ai tugged hard at her shirt with the hand that she hid behind her back. Pretending to be honest and open, she tilted her head and gave Gu Yusheng a curious look before asking, “Master Gu, what are you looking at?”

Subsequently, she pretended to notice him staring at her scar. Curling her lips into a smile, she proceeded to say, “Oh, so you’re looking at this scar… A few years ago, I went mountain climbing with my classmates and was gashed by a tree branch.”

Gu Yusheng’s eyelids fluttered slightly before he eventually shifted his gaze away from the scar to her face.

He stared into her eyes with a probing look, as if he was trying to find clues that would give away her deception.

Qin Zhi’ai was on pins and needles, but she knew that she needed to remain calm, as even a slight slip-up would not go unnoticed by Gu Yusheng.

Smiling slightly, her pretty, chiseled face continued to assume an innocent and puzzled look. “Master Gu, is something wrong?”





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