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Season 5

Episode 96

(A Scar on the Leg (6)

Gu Yusheng leaned leisurely against the wall beside the bed. As she finished drinking her tea, he was staring at a lamp on the desk in front of him, thinking about his own affairs. When he heard her voice, he turned, looked at her, and then replied “hmm.”

Qin Zhi’ai was concerned about Gu Yusheng not getting enough rest, so she had given him an encouraging farewell.

Seeing that he didn’t intend to leave, she was too embarrassed to say it again.

The room was suddenly silent.

She sat on the bed, quietly drinking her tea, while he continued staring at the lamp.

Qin Zhi’ai eventually finished her tea, and as she was about to put the cup on the nightstand, Gu Yusheng, who had been leaning as motionless as a statue, suddenly stood upright and came over.

He took the cup in silence and gently placed it on the nightstand. Then he took the pillow out from behind her back and motioned her to lie down. He covered the cup with its lid and said, “Have some rest.”

Qin Zhi’ai was really sleepy, and his voice was deep with a trace of mystery, making her a little drowsy. She didn’t realize he hadn’t left yet and gently nodded, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

She’s asleep now. And I should leave…

He stood beside the bed, staring at her peaceful sleeping face without blinking, but he couldn’t move, as if his feet were lead.

She had been in a cold sweat due to her cramps, and then she had sweated slightly after drinking the hot tea.

Her hair was wet, with several soft strands sticking to her perfect cheeks.

Gu Yusheng looked at them and could not help but stretch out his hand to gently trace them away.

She slept soundly and didn’t notice his touch.

His slightly trembling fingertips stopped on her cheek for a while. When he realized how soft and smooth her skin was, he suddenly drew his hand back, went out on the balcony in the cold, and lit another cigarette.

Until daybreak, Gu Yusheng continued turning back to Qin Zhi’ai’s room to make sure she was sleeping soundly.

He knew it was inappropriate, but he returned to her room to check the hot-water bag. It had gotten a little cold, so he boiled a pot of water, poured it into the bag, and placed it on her abdomen under the quilt. He left her bedroom and went to the lobby on the first floor.

Only three staff members were on duty in the lobby. Seeing Gu Yusheng approaching, they walked forward politely and asked him if he needed any help.

He shook his head, chose a U-shaped sofa to sit on, and then arranged himself in a comfortable position. He closed his eyes and slept for a while. When the quiet lobby became noisy and bright with the morning, he got up and went to the hotel restaurant.

Gu Yusheng had a simple meal, and then asked a waiter to pack a bowl of porridge. He carried it upstairs to Xiaowang’s room, where he washed his face and brushed his teeth, and then he went to knock on Qin Zhi’ai’s room door.

She was awake. Through the door, he heard her say, “Who is it?” Gu Yusheng waited for about a minute, until she opened the door clenching her teeth in pain.

She hadn’t expected him to return. She let the door open, pointed to the sofa, and hurried into the bathroom.



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