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Season 5

Episode 93

(A Scar on the Leg (3)

She swallowed hard and slowly started to close the door. When it was almost shut, she heard his voice blow in with the wind through the crack of the door. “I never planned to go back to my room.”

Qin Zhi’ai froze while trying to hear if he was talking to her or only to himself.

He never planned to go back to his room? Is that because Liang Doukou is there?

Xu Wennuan told me about Liang Doukou finding herself a body double a long time ago. Did he know about Liang Doukou and her body double, too? Did that make their relationship worse?

Qin Zhi’ai was becoming emotional again after she had just calmed herself down.

She watched his back for a while before forcing herself to look away. She gently closed the door and then the curtain to block out the night lights and his silhouette on the balcony. She put the cup on the nightstand and went to bed.

Stop thinking about it. Even if he was talking to me it doesn’t mean anything…

Don’t forget, Qin Zhi’ai, what you heard on that recording Zhou Jing played at the Ladies Club on the last day you were Liang Doukou’s body double.

Don’t ever forget, Qin Zhi’ai, how you fooled yourself eight years ago and now, again. You’ve been fooled twice, but don’t fool yourself a third time. If you do, you deserve what you get.

Even more importantly, Qin Zhi’ai, don’t ever forget Gu Yusheng is married. No matter how bad the relationship is between him and Liang Doukou, they are still husband and wife.

I just happen to be his secretary by chance, and an intern secretary at that. Three months later, who knows if the company will offer me a full-time contract.

So don’t be fooled when he calls her little troublemaker or says, “I never planned to go back to my room.”

Qin Zhi’ai eventually felt more in control of herself after repeating the same thoughts over in her head.

It was so quiet at this moment that Qin Zhi’ai thought Gu Yusheng had left. It was almost 4:00 a.m., and she needed to stop thinking and go to sleep.

Qin Zhi’ai felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She thought she was dreaming, so she kept her eyes closed and turned over with her hands covering her belly. She changed positions to feel better, but the pain became sharper. It became so intense that she could barely breathe. It felt like a knife stabbing her.

Qin Zhi’ai was half asleep and half awake. The pain radiated from her abdomen, making her entire body ache. She began to moan softly.

As she was thinking about the strange dream she was having, a cold hand began patting her face. “Secretary Qin? Secretary Qin?”

The voice sounded familiar, but she was still in pain and not awake. She couldn’t be sure who was calling her name.

“Secretary Qin? Wake up, Secretary Qin.”

That voice kept calling her. When she barely could open her eyes, she saw Gu Yusheng’s face. A face so beautiful she didn’t feel pain anymore.

Her eyes rolled when she felt another sharp pain in her lower abdomen. When she heard herself moan, she realized she was not in a dream. Her cramps were unbearable.



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