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Season 5

Episode 92

(A Scar on the Leg (2)

“Uh.” Gu Yusheng was not really interested in Korean TV series, but he responded earnestly to what she had said.

The occasional chat between the two eased any tension in the atmosphere. Qin Zhi’ai gradually became less nervous, and her mind relaxed a little. She continued to chat comfortably and naturally with Gu Yusheng. Without noticing, she even spoke her thoughts out loud: “Master Gu, why didn’t you go back to your own room?”

Qin Zhi’ai only realized what she had asked after hearing herself say it. Although Gu Yusheng didn’t know what was on her mind, she inevitably felt a little nervous. What if he tells me to mind my own business?

“If I could go back, I would not…” Maybe it was because Gu Yusheng had been chatting with her so comfortably that he didn’t feel anything was wrong with the question she asked. He wasn’t too wary either, so when he continued his answer he was more open than he was used to being.

Gu Yusheng quickly shut his mouth, picked up the now cold glass of water, took a sip, and looked into her eyes.

Her dark and clear eyes seemed to gather all the light around her, making them so bright and dazzling that his face was clearly reflected in their prettiness.

Maybe because he was too tired at night and his consciousness was adrift, or maybe because her eyes looked just like those of little troublemaker, he was totally immersed in them. He stared at her and finally said, “Little troublemaker…”

He would not?

Still waiting for the rest of his words, Qin Zhi’ai’s eyes were filled with doubts. She never expected, however, that when he opened his mouth again he would say “little troublemaker.”

As if something had hit her hard, her heart and breath stopped instantly.

Little troublemaker… When I was Liang Doukou’s substitute, he always called me that… Now what did he mean by suddenly saying these words?

Qin Zhi’ai, who had just secretly cried twice, had tears in her eyes again. Her fingertips, grabbing the balcony railing, trembled fiercely. Her lips also began to tremble.

A wind gust slapped her face. She felt a painful coldness.

Qin Zhi’ai suddenly came to her senses and stopped looking at Gu Yusheng. Then she looked down and repeatedly assured herself that she was calm. She smiled slightly and spoke softly to Gu Yusheng with some puzzlement, “Master Gu, what did you just say?”

Her voice was quite different from my little troublemaker… Gu Yusheng came to suddenly as if from a trance.

He turned his head slightly and fixed his eyes on her for a while. Then he silently looked away, standing aside and saying, “It’s a bit cold, and it’s late now. Go back to your room and rest.”

With that, he handed Qin Zhi’ai the glass in his hand.

Qin Zhi’ai took it and said in a normal tone, “See you, Master Gu. Goodnight.”

“Um.” Gu Yusheng did not look at her but stared at the sky blankly. When she was almost at the door, he then added, “Goodnight.”

Qin Zhi’ai paused for a few seconds and walked into the room without turning around or saying a word.

When she reached out to close the door, she raised her head and looked at Gu Yusheng, who was standing by the window on the balcony.

She didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she always felt that, at this moment, Gu Yusheng’s heart was full of loneliness and sadness.



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