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Season 5

Episode 91

(A Scar on the Leg (1)

The thermos worked well, so the water temperature was perfect for drinking. Qin Zhi’ai took out a clean cup and poured some water into it before returning to the balcony.

The wall between the two balconies was wide enough that when Qin Zhi’ai stretched her arm out she still could not pass the water to Gu Yusheng.

She tried a couple more times but finally gave up. She pointed at the room behind her and said, “Master Gu, I’ll send the water to your room.”

Gu Yusheng turned her suggestion down. “No need, but thank you.”

Assuming Gu Yusheng hadn’t really wanted the water, Qin Zhi’ai responded, “Okay.” She took a step back, preparing to say goodnight and leave the balcony, when suddenly Gu Yusheng, biting a cigarette between his teeth, walked to the wall between the two balconies, pushed aside a plant, and then jumped onto the wall by holding himself with one arm.

Qin Zhi’ai was scared to death. On the 10th floor, more than 100 feet off the ground, Gu Yusheng looked as if he was even swinging a bit in the strong wind. In a trembling voice, she called out, “Master Gu.” Gu Yusheng safely jumped to her balcony, slowly straightened his back, and stood in front of her.

Until Gu Yusheng took the cup of water from her hands, Qin Zhi’ai stood in shock at the danger she’d just witnessed. Her face pale and her voice shaking, she said, “That was so dangerous. What would have happened if you’d fallen?”

Gu Yusheng drank his water in gulps, trying not to laugh as he did. He smiled and said casually, “It was not impossible. In fact, that was nothing. You never saw me train in the military. I am not exaggerating when I say I can jump from roof to roof and run on a wall…”

Gu Yusheng was not used to talking so much, and it made him approachable. As he continued talking, though, he realized this. The thought suddenly made him uncomfortable, and he became quiet.

Qin Zhi’ai watched him closely as he spoke and noticed the fingers on his cup became pale from gripping it so hard.

She thought his talking about his past, in the military, must have made him sad.

Qin Zhi’ai pretended to not notice his sudden silence and changed the subject. “Master Gu, it’s late. Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?”

Gu Yusheng regained his composure, took a sip of water, and stubbed out his cigarette. “I just finished my work and came out for some fresh air.”

Looking at cigarette butts everywhere on his balcony floor, she knew this wasn’t true. He must have stood in the wind out there for at least an hour.

Qin Zhi’ai neither wanted, nor dared, to expose Gu Yusheng’s lie. She simply smiled, rested her arms on the balcony rail, and watched the trees in the distance. To make conversation, she asked, “Where is Mr. Wang? Has he gone to sleep yet?”

“Yes.” After responding, Gu Yusheng realized his answered was too short, so he added, “He went to sleep a while ago.”

After pausing a second, Gu Yusheng asked again, “What TV show are you watching that’s keeping you up so late?”

“A Korean drama,” Qin Zhi’ai said. Knowing Gu Yusheng would not be interested in the show, that’s all she said, until adding, “The main character is from a comic book. The idea is pretty awesome.”



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