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Season 5

Episode 86

(I’ll Sleep In Yusheng’s Room (6)

As soon as his fingertips were about to touch the screen, Gu Yusheng threw his cell phone aside again.

Why would I call her? To tell her I have nothing to do with Liang Doukou, or to scold her for linking me and Liang Doukou together?

But what does she have to do with me?

He was reluctant to lecture her, but he was also unable to form an explanation.

Gu Yusheng became more anxious and angry.

It seemed that he hadn’t been as angry as he was in this moment since little troublemaker had left him.

Gu Yusheng put the cigarette to his mouth, took a fierce puff, and then spit it out heavily. Looking at the smoke in the air, he raised his hand angrily, and scratched his head forcefully.

Even if I’m not sure if she’s my little troublemaker, I don’t want her to misunderstand the relation between Liang Doukou and I like that.

What if she’s really my little troublemaker that I’ve been looking for?

More importantly, no one knows about my relationship with Liang Doukou except those close to me. She’s just a secretary. How dare she allow Liang Doukou into my room? It must have been Grandpa or Liang Doukou who did this…

I already knew that I would encounter a lot of trouble after returning to Beijing, but it’s only the first few days, and trouble has already started…

He rubbed his temples which were a little painful, bit the cigarette, and rolled his eyes slightly as he continued thinking.

It’s fine that Liang Doukou and Grandpa usually fiddle around, forcing me to be with her, but in front of this little secretary, they will destroy my innocence and my image. I can’t tolerate it any longer…

Since I can’t call the secretary to explain directly, I have to think of another way to let her know that I didn’t sleep in the same room with Liang Doukou!

Gu Yusheng bit the cigarette harder as he stared at the leaves of the green, trailing plants hanging over his head. He meditated for a few seconds, then he suddenly stood up and shouted, “Xiaowang!”

“Call Secretary Qin now, tell her in half an hour…”

No, half an hour, it seems a little long. What if the little secretary wonders what would happen between Liang Doukou and I within half an hour?

Gu Yusheng paused for a moment, and in order to prove his innocence, he said, “Fifteen minutes, no, five minutes! Convene several vice-managers of the company, and we’ll have a meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the hotel in five minutes!”

“Now?” Xiaowang checked the time. It’s already later than ten o’clock in the evening, and today is the day of the team building.

“Yes, right now.” He answered Xiaowang with a firm tone. Gu Yusheng then got up from bed, took his clothes, and went to the dressing room. As he approached the dressing room door, he suddenly stopped.

The number of vice-managers is a little small. I should ask more employees from the company to join the meeting so that I will have plenty of witnesses seeing that I’m not staying in the same room with Liang Doukou…

Xiaowang was quite shocked by his spontaneous meeting. Thinking more about his plans, Gu Yusheng turned his head as he continued talking to Xiaowang. “In addition to the vice-managers, call up other directors of all departments!”

After saying that, Gu Yusheng finally opened the door of the dressing room and went in.

Hearing the sound of the dressing room door closing, Xiaowang woke up. He pinched his thighs secretly, and the pain he felt made him realize that he had not been dreaming, and the order he’d just heard was indeed true. He quickly picked up his cell phone and called Qin Zhi’ai.




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