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Season 5

Episode 83

(I Will Sleep in Yusheng’s Room (3)

Qin Zhi’ai stood there with her back facing Liang Doukou and Old Master Gu. She could not help but slowly grip the suitcase handle harder.

When they reached the 17th floor, where Old Master Gu’s room was, Liang Doukou finally stopped talking. She waited for Qin Zhi’ai to swipe the room card and push the door open. She let Old Master Gu in the room first and then whispered to Qin Zhi’ai, “Please wait here for a second.” She reached her hand out to take the suitcase and walked into the room.

The door remained open, and Qin Zhi’ai stood outside with a clear view of the inside of the room. Liang Doukou helped Old Master Gu prepare for his shower, but before he took it they both sat on the sofa to watch some TV. Qin Zhi’ai’s legs had become sore by the time Liang Doukou got up and said goodbye to Old Master Gu.

After closing his door, Qin Zhi’ai immediately felt Liang Doukou become cold. Without so much as acknowledging Qin Zhi’ai, she arrogantly walked past her to the elevator.

Once on the 18th floor, Qin Zhi’ai swiped the room card and began to pass it to her and say goodbye, but Liang Doukou ignored Qin Zhi’ai. She pushed the door open and walked in.

She took off her sunglasses and face mask and tossed them on the sofa. She braced herself on the wall with one hand to take off her boots. She coldly glanced at Qin Zhi’ai, pointed, and demanded, “Leave that suitcase there.”

She walked into the bathroom with bare feet.

Almost as soon as Qin Zhi’ai had put down the suitcase, Liang Doukou walked out of the bathroom already in a robe.

She was completely at home in this hotel room. She walked elegantly to the king-size bed and laid down on it. Her robe’s belt had loosened, causing her breasts to be almost completely exposed. It was clear she was not wearing underwear.

Qin Zhi’ai only glanced at Liang Doukou before quickly looking away. Even though they were both women, she was uncomfortable. She blushed, looked down, and said calmly, “Miss Liang, I am going to leave now if you have nothing else for me.”

Qin Zhi’ai was not feeling well. Her menstrual cramps had worsened since standing for so long on Old Master Gu’s floor. She rushed to the door before Liang Doukou could answer.

As her hand touched the door knob, Liang Doukou turned over on the bed and said lazily, “Secretary Qin, can you get me some condoms at that supermarket at the village entrance?”

Qin Zhi’ai’s body stiffened, but she did not turn around.

Liang Doukou got off the bed and grabbed her wallet from the sofa. She pulled out some cash and walked to Qin Zhi’ai. Without Qin Zhi’ai answering, she put the money in her hand and said, “Secretary Qin, thank you. As you know, being a public figure makes it very inconvenient for me to go out, so I must ask you for the favor.”

After a brief pause, Liang Doukou curled her mouth and smiled brightly at Qin Zhi’ai. Having just realized the hotel provided condoms, she added, “Yusheng doesn’t like the brand at this hotel.”



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