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Season 5

Episode 82

(I’ll Sleep In Yusheng’s Room (2)

“Alright.” After answering, Qin Zhi’ai took out her cell phone and called the hotel manager.

The hotel manager was just in the lobby. When she had organized the team building activities, she had met the hotel manager once before. Recognizing her, he hung up the phone and came over. “Miss Qin, what can I do for you?”

Qin Zhi’ai asked, “Are there any rooms currently available?”

“How many rooms do you need?”

Old Master Gu won’t leave, so I’m afraid that Liang Doukou also won’t leave. Qin Zhi’ai answered, “Two rooms.”

“Miss Qin, please wait for a moment.” After answering her, the hotel manager quickly walked to the reception desk. About two minutes later, he returned, apologetically saying, “I’m so sorry, Miss Qin, there is only one room available now.”

Unfortunately… Qin Zhi’ai had been thinking about whether or not she should give up her room to Liang Doukou, and maybe she could stay with someone she was familiar with. Liang Doukou, who had been sitting silently on the sofa holding a cup of tea, suddenly opened her mouth. Her voice was soft and sweet, like silk. “Secretary Qin, we just need one room for Grandpa, and I’ll sleep in Yusheng’s room tonight.”

I’ll sleep in Yusheng’s room tonight… Qin Zhi’ai felt her heart sinking sharply as an indescribable ache filled her whole body.

Her brain was blank for a few moments before she could react. She forced a stiff smile onto her face as she looked at the manager, trying to keep her voice as stable as possible. “Then I need only one room please.”

“Yes, Miss Qin, wait a moment.” After answering, the hotel manager was about to return to the reception desk, then Liang Doukou spoke again. “Oh, and Secretary Qin, please help me get a card to Yusheng’s room.”

“Yes.” Qin Zhi’ai’s hands were clenched into fists, and her palms were in pain due to the pinching of her nails. She struggled to put a smile on her face as she delivered Liang Doukou’s words to the manager.

He nodded and said, “Yes,” then whispered into the walkie-talkie as he strode away.

After a short while, the hotel manager came back with two room cards and handed them off to Qin Zhi’ai.

Qin Zhi’ai softly replied, “Thank you.” She looked at the room numbers on the two cards, turned around, then handed them to Liang Doukou as she said, “Miss Liang, Old Master Gu, the room has been booked. Old Master Gu’s room is on the 17th floor, and Master Gu’s room is on the 18th floor.”

Liang Doukou did not take the room cards, but she slowly put her cell phone into her purse, then looked up to ask for a favor from Qin Zhi’ai. “Secretary Qin, could you help me pack the luggage, and deliver Grandpa and I upstairs?”

“… Ok. ” Qin Zhi’ai hesitated for a moment, but still agreed.

I am Gu Yusheng’s secretary. Old Master Gu is Gu Yusheng’s grandfather, and Liang Doukou is Gu Yusheng’s wife. It is unreasonable for Liang Doukou to ask me to do such things.

Liang Doukou stood up, pointed at the two suitcases beside her without any hesitation, and then walked over to Old Master Gu. She bent down slightly to support Old Master Gu with her hands, then they walked towards the elevator together, arm in arm.

Qin Zhi’ai was dragging a suitcase in each hand as she struggled to keep up with them.

After entering the elevator, Qin Zhi’ai swiped the room card and pressed the button for seventeenth floor first.

They were the only three in the elevator. Liang Doukou talked with Old Master Gu in a coquettish way, happily amusing him, as it seemed they’d forgotten that Qin Zhi’ai was even there.




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