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Season 5

Episode 76

(Check Her File (16)

A week had passed since all the business activities in the United States had been settled. At three o’clock in the afternoon, they landed at the international airport. As soon as he got in the car, Xiaowang’s cell phone rang, then he told Gu Yusheng that he needed to attend a business party in the evening.

It was Friday, so the roads were a little congested. It was already after 5:00 p.m. when Gu Yusheng finally arrived at Four Seasons Hotel where he had previously resided. After taking a shower and getting dressed, he had barely even enough time to take a drink of water before leaving for the party in a rush.

He was so busy socializing with others that it was eight o’clock in the evening by the time the party had ended.

He had been quite uncomfortable due to the sudden jet lag. He had been on a plane for three hours then socialized for another hour, so he felt extremely tired. When no one was looking, he put his drinking glass on the waiter’s tray as he walked by, then exited the meeting hall, and stood in the empty corridor as he lit a cigarette.

From the room behind him, the sound of excitement, music, and laughter seeped through the closed doors and windows.

Gu Yusheng held the cigarette between his fingers without taking a puff as he quietly stared at the branches swaying by the cold, whistling winter wind.

The light smell of the cigarette smoke being blown away by the wind made his consciousness fade as he stood there blankly. Then he suddenly recalled that girl student who had just been recruited to his company a week ago. Oh, no, she is supposed to be my secretary now.

Yesterday afternoon, Xiaowang had sent him her personal file.

The reason why she had graduated as a master at the age of 26 was because she had taken two years off from school.

Her mother had been seriously ill.

Xiaowang had been very meticulous and had even investigated what serious illness her mother had been afflicted by, and the hospital in which her mother had been treated.

She had returned to school this during this spring festival.

The file had also showed that during those two years, she hadn’t spent much time in Beijing. Instead, she stayed in Hangzhou for a long time. She had also had a younger brother named Qin Jiayan, who was a senior student at H University. His ID photo in the file must have been taken in high school, because his face looked slightly puerile and tender, somewhat like hers.

Her father had died in a car accident.

Aside from those facts, there had been no other information found in her file.

He’d had an idea that he could find some clues from her file, but he didn’t expect that he would find nothing valuable.

From her file, it could clearly be seen that during the period in which she had been a substitute for Liang Doukou, her mother had just undergone a major operation in the hospital.

The name on the operation sheet was hers.

If she was little troublemaker, how could she have gone to the hospital to sign the name, and take care of her mother, if she was with me?

Clearly, there was a clash of time.

All the signs in front of him showed that she couldn’t have been his little troublemaker, but if she wasn’t, why had he always felt the familiar and intense heart throb when he saw her?

“Master Gu?” Xiaowang had been searching around the party, but failed to find Gu Yusheng. Finally, he noticed him outside the hall.

Gu Yusheng was no longer in a trance. He raised his hand, smoked, and didn’t reply to Xiaowang’s words.

Xiaowang went to him and stood still. “Master Gu, the contract to be used tomorrow morning has been left in Hui Shi Game Company, and I’m going to go fetch it. Will you wait here for me?”

Gu had intended to agree, but he suddenly thought of a new idea, and his silent nod transformed into a gentle answer. “No.”

After a short pause, Gu Yusheng said, “Call Secretary Qin and have her deliver it.”

Maybe because he had just thought of her in this moment, he particularly wanted to see her.



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