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Season 5

Episode 75

(Check Her File (15)

She had dialed those 11 numbers many times when she was Liang Doukou’s body double.

Gu Yusheng watched Qin Zhi’ai staring at his business card before finally asking, “Anything else?”

“No,” Qin Zhi’ai answered without any expression. She looked up from the card and then said, “I’m leaving if you have nothing else for me.”

Gu Yusheng nodded without saying anything.

Qin Zhi’ai bowed slightly before walking out of Gu Yusheng’s office. She walked to her desk as if in a daydream. She stood awkwardly in front of her desk before sitting down. She stared at the black computer screen for five full minutes before she blinked and looked down again at the business card in her hand.

“Gu Yusheng.”

She looked at it several more times to convince herself this was not all a dream.

The CEO of Hui Shi had been Mr. Li when she applied for her internship. In a matter of days, the CEO had become Mr. Gu.

Qin Zhi’ai turned her head toward the Vice CEO’s secretary. With no concern that she had just met her, she asked directly, “How did the CEO change in your company so quickly?”

After asking the question, Qin Zhi’ai realized she should have said “our company.”

The secretary proved friendly and was immediately engaged. She leaned into her ear and whispered, “Our company, last Wednesday, was bought out by Gu’s company, and Master Gu became our new CEO.”

The secretary liked to talk and opened up even more. “I only ever saw Master Gu in the financial papers. I never imagined I would see him in person someday. He’s super handsome. I’m so jealous of you being his secretary.”

Qin Zhi’ai stopped listening to what the secretary was saying. Her head started to spin.

So, Hui Shi was bought out only a few days ago.

And it’s normal for a company with good potential to be bought out, but Gu’s company?

The week before last, I met him at Xi University. That same night, I met him at the Majestic Clubhouse. A few days later, I’m his secretary.

The more Qin Zhi’ai thought about it, the more she believed their lives were meant to be linked together by destiny.

Just as Gu Yusheng had asked, Xiaowang made a to-do list for her each day.

Xiaowang did not give her a lot of assignments, and Gu Yusheng must have been busy, as Qin Zhi’ai had not seen him since her first day at work, and a week had gone by since then. Her workload was light since he had not been around.

At first, her assignments took a while to complete, but within a few days she adeptly became familiar with handling her tasks and could complete them all in the morning. She eventually started to spend her afternoons either watching TV at her desk with headphones or taking a nap.

On Qin Zhi’ai’s second day of employment at Hui Shi, Gu Yusheng flew to America.



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