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Season 5

Episode 72

(Check Her File (12)

At this time, Hui Shi Game Company had recruited eight interns in total. Qin Zhi’ai arrived the earliest at the company site. After Qin Zhi’ai had registered her attendance at the human resources department, she had waited for about half an hour before the other interns arrived one after another.

After all the interns had registered their attendance, the HR manager called them together in a small room for a meeting. By the end, it was almost noon.

After having lunch in the company’s cafeteria, the manager instructed a middle-aged woman, under his command, to show the interns around the company so they could see the common work and areas of each department. After showing them around, the middle-aged woman stood in the company’s waiting area and said to the interns, “Each of you take your application letter, and register your attendance at the manager’s office of the corresponding department. Qin Zhi’ai, you stay here.”

Qin Zhi’ai was named specially, and as the other interns left, they each looked her up and down before leaving in a silent and orderly fashion.

Once the only remaining people were Qin Zhi’ai and the middle-aged woman, she said, “Come on, I’ll take you to Master Zhang’s office to register.”

Before applying to the job, Qin Zhi’ai had known some of the company’s top management. She knew that Master Zhang, who had been mentioned by the woman, was the vice general manager of the company and the director of the technology department.

The middle-aged woman took her to Master Zhang’s office door and knocked. When she heard, “Come in,” she smiled at Qin Zhi’ai and nodded, motioning for her to go in alone. She then walked away as her high heels click-clacked on the floor.

Qin Zhi’ai opened the door and went in with a polite smile. As soon as she gently closed the door, Master Zhang, sitting at his desk, spoke to her even before she greeted him. “Qin Zhi’ai? Are you the new intern?”

“Yes.” Qin Zhi’ai answered with a smile.

Master Zhang stood up, came over and pointed through the glass of the office to an empty table in the secretarial area. “That’s your position. You are the secretary for the chairman of the board, and the chairman is having a video conference now. It’ll be over in about half an hour. Make a cup of coffee and go to his office to greet him, then he will instruct you of the specific work you’ll be doing.”

“Thank you, Master Zhang.” Qin Zhi’ai said.

Master Zhang nodded slightly without saying anything.

Knowing how to properly behave, Qin Zhi’ai said goodbye and left.

Since she had no work to do in the meantime, Qin Zhi’ai sat at her desk and played with her cell phone idly.

After about twenty-five minutes, she got up, went to the coffee room, and made a cup of coffee. Seeing that half an hour had passed, she took the cup to the chairman of the board’s office.

Qin Zhi’ai raised her hand and softly knocked at the door twice.

It seemed that the person inside was still busy, as he didn’t respond for quite a while, but Qin Zhi’ai waited patiently for about three minutes. When she was just about ready to leave and come back later, the door opened. A man, who wore glasses and appeared to be in his thirties, came out to greet her.

There were some pictures of the chairman of the board on Hui Shi’s official website. Although there were some differences, Qin Zhi’ai still recognized that this should be Hui Shi’s chairman of the board, Mr. Li. She suddenly smiled and said, “Hello, sir, I…”

“Are you the new secretary of the chairman?” Before Qin Zhi’ai finished speaking, the man politely interrupted her words and stepped aside a little further from the door. “The board chairman is inside. Please, come in.”



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