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Season 1

Episode 98


Andy laughed and continued, "Perhaps it was in our destiny to meet. You and Abby look very alike. That's probably why Cindy is so fond of you. When Cindy woke up last night and could not find you in the room, she cried out for you. She didn't fall asleep until she exhausted herself."    

When Autumn heard this, her affection for Cindy increased. She said tenderly, "I have been fond of Cindy since the first moment I met her. I wish I can have such a cute and loving daughter like her one day."    

Andy replied with an assuring smile and blessing nod, "You will." He then continued, "I'm sorry for what happened last night."    

"For what are you apologizing?" Autumn thought he was apologizing for taking her for an evil woman with ill intentions. She continued, "Mr. Xu, if you continue to be so civil and formal with me, I will not come here again."  

"I was talking about that embarrassing scene when my wife mistook that man for your husband." Autumn was taken aback when she heard Andy's words. 'He knew it,' she thought with a surprised expression. With a rather awkward smile she said, "Never mind it. It's not a big deal."    

"My wife has been spoiled since she was a little girl. As meddlesome as she is, she wishes no harm for any one. Please don't be mad at her." 'It wasn't easy for me to pursue her.     

Luckily, we now lead a happy life,' Andy thought to himself.     

"It's okay." Hearing his heartfelt and sincere apology, Autumn felt uneasy. She responded, "It is really not a big deal."    

Autumn didn't enter Cindy's ward as Cindy and Abby hadn't woken up yet and she didn't want to disturb them. When she saw Andy having breakfast, she took a seat beside him. Andy said, "I caught your accent. I suppose that you're not a native of Z City, are you?"  

With a slight nod, Autumn answered, "No, I am not. I'm from Y City. I chanced upon Cindy as soon as I arrived here yesterday."    

Andy asked, "So you are a tourist?"    "Yes, I am." Autumn continued with a smile on her face, "What about you? I noticed that Cindy speaks English very fluently. It feels like she lives abroad."  

  "Clever girl," Andy complimented her. He responded while laughing, "My wife was born in Z City. Later, her family emigrated abroad. Cindy lives abroad, but my wife and I speak to her in Chinese. So she speaks Chinese quite well too."    

When she heard this, Autumn thought with frown, 'Perhaps this means I will not be able to meet Cindy again.' She then followed up, "Did you come back to... visit your relatives?"  

"My parents-in-law have been eager to come back. This time we brought Cindy back and wanted to see whether she would like it here. If she does, we will gradually shift our business back here." 

Andy added, "Even after staying abroad for so many years, I would still like to stay in our homeland."    

Andy didn't tell Autumn the other reason why they chose to come back. After breakfast, he turned to Autumn and asked, "Autumn, may I know more about your family?"    

With a bitter look, she replied, "I have a grandma, that's it." She never considered Wendy as her mother. She continued, "She always longed to come to Z City. But now she can't come here as she is very sick. So I came here and I intend to take many pictures and show them to her when I get back."    

Andy asked, "What about your father?" When he observed the confusion on Autumn's face, he hurried to explain, "I did not mean to put you in a spot. Do not think much of these questions and you do not have to answer it if you don't want to."  

"It's not a secret." With a sense of gloom, Autumn answered, "My dad passed away when I was a little girl. My grandma didn't tell me how he died and as for my mother... she abandoned my father and me, and remarried. She now leads a good life."    

Andy admired Autumn for her sense of calmness when she spoke about her family. Although Autumn only briefly introduced her family members, he could guess that she must have suffered quite an ordeal.     

Even as they continued engaging in the conversation, they saw Cindy walk outside her ward with her drowsy eyes. She said, "Dad, I'm hungry."    

'Cindy is a true foodie. The first thing she remembers once she wakes up is to eat,' Autumn thought.     

At the sight of Autumn, she called out in a cute voice, "Hey, pretty sister..." She walked in Autumn's direction with an injured look and said, "You're a liar."  

Autumn pinched Candy's cheek gently, and then lovingly asked, "When did I lie to you?"    

Cindy pouted, and then in an angry tone inquired, "Last night you told me that you wouldn't leave. But when I woke up, I couldn't find you. I cried for a long time. But you were nowhere to be seen." 

Facing Candy's anger, Autumn had to apologize.     

She finally coaxed Cindy not to be angry as she had brought with herself the best breakfast.     

"Before eating breakfast, let me first take you to brush your teeth and wash your face." Autumn took Cindy by her hand and took her to the bathroom. Andy had asked his bodyguard to buy the toothbrush and towel last night. Autumn got Cindy dressed in a white dress and brought her straight silky hair into a cute double ponytail. Once they were out all tidy and neat, Abby woke up.   

"Autumn, good morning!" When she saw Autumn in the hospital, she was delighted. 'I don't know how to coax Cindy. But fortunately, she listens to Autumn.'    

Autumn replied with a happy and assuring nod, "Good morning!" "I brought you breakfast. You must eat right this instant before it cools down and loses all its yummy goodness."    

Abby was sincerely grateful in that moment for Autumn and said, "Thank you!" While Cindy was busy eating breakfast, Andy said to Abby, "You eat now! I will go finish all the discharge formalities."    

Andy was so tired that he fell asleep soon after sitting in the car on their way to the hotel. Abby put a coat on him gently and lovingly. Autumn whispered to Abby, "Mrs. Zhao, I will go out now. You must haven't gotten a good sleep. What about... letting me look after her for you today while you both catch up on your sleep?"  

"I... How could I possibly bother you more?" Abby trusted Autumn, but she truly did not want to bother her further.     "This is nothing but my pleasure." 

Autumn stretched out her hand and gently stroked Cindy's hair. She said, "Cindy is a lovely child. If you keep Cindy with you, I am sure you won't be able to get a good sleep. I am anyway about to just road around, so I can take her with me. And actually you will be doing me a favor as I would love her company."   

 Abby was still unconvinced to bother Autumn yet again, but that very instant Cindy put her hand around Autumn's neck. She said, "Mom, I want to go out with my pretty sister..."    

Abby coaxed her tenderly, "Cindy, you are a good girl. Pretty sister also did not have a sound sleep last night. So just come with us..." Andy opened his eyes and said, "Abby, let Cindy spend some time with Autumn. We also have an important pending matter to deal with this afternoon."  

"Oh, aye. I almost forgot about it." After hesitating for a moment, Abby told Autumn, "So it is decided, we will leave Cindy with you today. And later tonight, we will treat you with dinner."

Autumn immediately tried to refuse, "Please, you don't need to bother yourself." As she took the child with her, Autumn planned to hail a cab. However, Andy said he would ask his bodyguard to pick them up. 

Autumn agreed. 



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