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Season 1

Episode 96


Autumn picked up the phone and said, "Hello..." As soon as she answered the phone, it was Charles's angry voice that greeted her. "Didn't I ask you to give me a call when you got off the plane? I called many times. Why didn't you answer the phone?"    

When he hadn't gotten through to her, he almost lost his mind. Now he only wanted to make sure that Autumn was safe.     

Charles's anxious voice shook her determination to alienate him. Autumn replied, "I'm sorry. When I got off the plane, I forgot to call you. Then, when I went out, I forgot to take my phone with me. I'm really sorry."    

With Autumn explaining to him gently, Charles couldn't pretend to be mean to her anymore. His voice softened. "What did you do the whole day? It's already dark. Did you return to your hotel just now?"  

"Yes, I just came back to the hotel." 

Autumn turned over on the bed where she was sitting and told Charles, "Today, I saw a little girl who had gotten separated from her parents on the beach. I didn't leave her until her parents showed up. That's why I have just gotten back."    

Charles wasn't pleased. "Next time if you get in a similar situation, just walk away. Don't get yourself in trouble."    

Autumn couldn't believe that Charles would say these words.  After a short pause, she replied, "Fine, I will."    

That little girl looked so cute. Autumn couldn't just ignore her.     

Nowadays people have become indifferent. Sometimes you think you have done some good deed, only to find out that you have fallen into a trap. That's why an increasing number of people don't dare to help others anymore.   

Charles asked tenderly, "Have you had dinner?" Autumn had been so worried about Cindy that she had forgotten to get food for herself. She was just starting to feel hungry. She didn't want Charles to worry about her, so she replied, "Yes, I have. What about you?"    

Before Charles could answer, Chris grabbed the phone from his hand and said, "Yvonne, don't lose contact with us again. If you still hadn't picked up the phone, he would have flown over to check on you tonight."    

Autumn could hear Charles's voice in the background, "Don't talk nonsense..." 

Charles took the phone back from Chris and said, "Don't listen to her. All I wanted to say is to take care of yourself and get some rest."    

Because of his gentleness and concern, Autumn was overwhelmed with happiness. She replied, "I will." Then she hung up the phone. When Autumn remembered the men standing outside her door, her good mood quickly faded away.   

She heard a knock from outside. She opened the door and saw a man in a suit. He said, "Excuse me, madam. Our boss asked for you. Please follow me to the hospital."    

'It sounds like an order rather than a request.     

Would I be in danger if I went with this person alone?' thought Autumn to herself with a frown.     

Then, she remembered Sam. 'Perhaps he could help me.'    

"Wait a minute. I will get my coat." Autumn closed the door and immediately dialed Sam's number. Soon she heard Sam's voice, "Little Ye, I'm surprised to receive your call at this time. Is everything OK?"    

"Sam, I..." After hesitating a bit, Autumn told him what had happened to her. After she finished her story, Sam said, "Don't worry. You go with the guy first. I will catch up with you soon."  

Then he hung up. 'I haven't even told him which hospital I will be going to. How could he find me?' Autumn thought, getting anxious.     

That man in the suit knocked again and urged her to leave for the hospital. 

Autumn put on her coat in a hurry and this time, took her phone with her. Then, she opened the door and left the hotel with the man.     

Autumn didn't know that Sam was at the same hotel. After hanging up, he rushed out of his room, got into his car and then followed the car that Autumn had gotten into.     

In the car, Autumn didn't say a word. When they arrived at the hospital, she got out of the car. Sam who was close behind reached the hospital as well. 

However, he needed to pull up first. The man led Autumn to Cindy's ward. When they arrived at the ward, Autumn saw Abby and Andy by the door. Cindy was screaming from inside the room, "Sister! I want to see that pretty sister!!!"  

"Miss Autumn, you're finally here." Andy had been the leader of a gang for years. He feared nothing except his wife and his loving daughter.     

For his daughter, he swallowed all his pride and ran to Autumn. "I'm sorry for what we did to you. We made a big mistake."    

He pulled Abby's sleeves. Then Abby came forward slowly and said with an embarrassed look, "I'm really sorry. I almost lost my mind when I lost my daughter. So when I saw you with her, I... 

Miss Ye, please don't get angry with me."    
Autumn was relieved and said, "It's okay." Hearing Cindy's wails, she couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong with her? Why is she crying like that?"  

Andy sighed, "I don't know what to do." 

He then continued, "Cindy has lived with her grandparents since she was little and they spoiled her. She is allergic to seafood, but seafood happens to be her favorite. My wife and I don't let her eat any. Today, she even ran away from home because of that. While she was with you she ordered seafood. Now she's having an allergic reaction. The doctor needed to give her an IV drip, but she refused. Now, we don't know what to do about her."    

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know that she..." 'This place is along the seaside so naturally seafood is abundant here. 

Cindy ordered lots of seafood. I had no idea that she is allergic to it.' thought Autumn to herself.     

Andy said gratefully, "It doesn't matter. Thank you for looking after her today." 'Abby and I mistook her for a person with bad intentions. How could I suspect her as such?' Andy blamed himself.  

 Autumn shook her head and said, "It's fine." She then continued, "Now that you have your child with you, why did you bring me here?"    

"Here is the thing." Abby said, "Cindy is really spoiled. When she woke up just now and found you're not here, she became angry and refused to get an IV drip. She kept demanding to see you. We had no choice but to bring you here."    

Autumn said in relief, "I see. Mr. Xu, if you need my help next time, please don't send your men anymore. The one who fetched me is kind of creepy..."    

When Autumn mentioned him, she was still scared. Autumn pointed to the man in his suit behind her.     

Abby burst into laughter and told her husband, "I told you not to take them with you, but you didn't listen to me. Now, they scared Miss Ye."  

Andy scratched his head, looking awkward. Abby came forward to Autumn and said, "Don't be scared. He used to be in a gang. But after our daughter was born, he left that life behind. These men are our bodyguards."

Autumn nodded in a yes and said, "I will go in to see Cindy now."




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