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Season 1

Episode 93

(Seeing Autumn off at airport)

Chris knew that the problem between the couple would be solved as long as Autumn patiently explained everything to Charles.     

Autumn nodded and replied, "I know." 'I want to tell Charles, but... I don't know how to start.     

Besides, I have already agreed to pull away from Charles. I have made up my mind and I can't give up easily,' she mused.     

Autumn sighed. "Chris, we will solve our own problem. Tomorrow I will fly to Z City at 10:00 am. I will stay there for a couple of days. Please take care of yourself, Charles and grandpa."    

Chris was surprised. "Oh, you are going on a trip?" Chris was stunned and thought, 'She chose to run away from their problem instead of solving it. If it lasts too long, their problem would be more difficult to handle.'  

"Yes, I am," said Autumn, nodding slightly, 'It has been a while since I quit my job. I had no time to travel around in the past and Charles bought me this ticket. During this trip, I can think about our relationship,' she again mused.     

"But..."    Autumn said, "Don't worry. I just want to take a trip to relax. I will come back in a couple of days." Chris wanted to persuade her not to go, but she knew that Autumn wouldn't listen to her. 

'Perhaps it's good for her to take a trip to relax,' she thought to herself then said, "Okay, then go to bed early."    

As Chris left the room, she saw that Gary was talking with Charles. He asked with a frown, "What's going on between you and Yvonne? What happened?"  

Charles frowned slightly and answered, "Grandpa, leave this to us." Charles just wanted Autumn to understand that they had become a family since they got married and that they should share things with each other and face them together. A couple shouldn't have secrets.     

"Charles, you are the man in this relationship. Even if your wife did something wrong, you should forgive her." Chris joined in. "You shouldn't remain angry at her."    

Charles replied in a disapproving voice, "You're just a child, so don't intervene with our matters."    

"Did I say anything wrong? Did you know that Yvonne will be traveling to Z City tomorrow? How could you stay calm now?" Hearing this, Charles remembered that he had bought a ticket for Autumn. 

He had been so busy with work these days that he had forgotten that she would be going to Z City the next day.  

 Chris was relieved to see Charles concerned. 'At least he cares about her,' she thought. Gary sighed, "I don't know what happened between you two. But she is a good girl. Go upstairs and talk to your wife."    

Charles stood up and left the room. He had thought about it a lot since his argument with Autumn. 'Her mother had left her to her grandma since she was a little girl. Now this same mother uses her and doesn't treat her well. She must have lost all trust after what happened to her.     
Besides, her mother even threatened her with her grandmother so it is natural for her to be on guard like this.'    

Charles wanted to tell her that he would be on her side whatever happened and that he really loved her.     

When he entered the room, he saw Autumn lying on the bed in her pajamas. She had to get up early the next day so she had gone to sleep early.   

Charles had been sleeping in his study since their arguement. She was surprised as she hadn't expected Charles to appear in the room.     

The room was filled with an awkward atmosphere. They stared at each other then Charles asked, "Your flight is at 10:00 am tomorrow, isn't it?"    

Autumn nodded. "Yes, it is." 'He bought me the ticket. How could he not know that?' Autumn thought.     

Charles said, "I will take you to the airport tomorrow."    

"You don't have to." Autumn refused. "Tomorrow is Saturday. You don't have to get up early just to take me there. I will just take a taxi."    

But Charles insisted so Autumn agreed.   
Charles didn't go back to his study. He took a shower, and lay on the bed beside Autumn. She turned over, and saw the gauze on his head. 'After I return from Z City, his stitches could be taken out,' she thought.     

Autumn couldn't ignore the bandage, so she said, "Don't forget to go to the hospital to have your wound examined while I'm away."    

Charles replied flatly, "Don't worry about me. Have a good trip." He turned over and went to sleep.     

Autumn looked at Charles's wide back. A sad feeling came over her.     

'If I hadn't gotten married to Charles in this manner, I would hold his hand tightly. But now... I can't,' thought Autumn to herself.     

The next morning, the alarm clock rang waking Autumn up. She hurried to press the clock. When she turned around, she found Charles still sound asleep. She got up, got dressed, and then went downstairs. She was having breakfast when Charles came down to join her.   

He asked with sleepy eyes, "Why didn't you wake me up?"    

"You were still sound asleep." Autumn wasn't expecting Charles to be up at this time. She had gotten up quietly to avoid waking him up.     

Charles hollered towards the kitchen, "Nancy, get me a cup of milk."    

Since the incident, Nancy was polite towards Autumn but she still didn't like her. As long as Nancy didn't cross the line, Autumn would not give her a hard time.     

"Young master, I made congee with red dates for you. It can invigorate you with vital energy and nourish your blood. W pool meould you like to have a try?" said Nancy, giving Autumn an hostile glance. 'If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have displeased the young master,' she thought.   

Charles replied, "I have to drive Yvonne to the airport in a minute. I will eat later." He didn't want to make Autumn miss her flight.     

"Nancy, go get him some congee." Autumn said. And she turned to Charles with a concerned expression, "We have enough time. Have some congee first. I won't miss the flight."    

As Charles complied and finished the congee, Gary came to the room and walked to them. He told Autumn, "I heard that you will go on a trip. Do you have everything ready?     

Autumn nodded. "Grandpa, when I'm away, please take care of yourself. When I return, I'll bring you some special products from Z City."    

"I don't need those. Just look after yourself while you are there." Gary laughed heartily.

After breakfast, the couple left for the airport, but they didn't talk to each other on the way. 

Autumn looked in the rearview mirror, staring at herself. She saw no pleasure on her face, as if she was unwilling to go. 

It didn't take Charles much time to drive to the airport. When they got there, they still had plenty time before the plane took off. He said with a concerned look, "It's cold in Z City. Stay warm and don't catch a cold."

"Don't stay too late in the street. It's not safe to return to the hotel alone at night. "

And call me every night. Don't forget. "
She frowned but nodded, "I will. "



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