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Season 1

Episode 92

(Being at odds)

Before Wendy could say anything, Autumn and Charles walked out of the washroom together. "Dad, Mom, we are going home now. We won't be eating here. Take your time with the food."    

Autumn said in a cold voice. Yvonne immediately objected, "No! We rarely have the opportunity to have dinner together. How can you leave now?"    

"Why not?" Autumn said bluntly, "And wait for you to pour hot soup on him?"    

Charles knew Autumn was angry and didn't want to make it difficult for her. So he pulled her away and spoke to Simon and Wendy, "Dad, Mom, we are going home now. We will visit again in a couple of days. If you'll excuse us, we shall leave now."  

"Charles..." Simon stood up, trying to make them stay but Wendy stopped him and said, "If you want to go home now, I won't stand in your way. My apologies.     

Let me prepare a nice meal for you next time." Wendy's smile was sincere this time.     

Simon and Yvonne did not say anything. Seeing Autumn and Charles leaving, Sam also stood up and said, "I am leaving as well."    

"Sam, wait." Wendy stopped Sam, "You are already here. Please have dinner with us. I have something to tell you."  

Autumn's face soured at what she heard.     

Wendy saw Autumn and Charles to the door. Pleasant smiles were exchanged. Others looking might believe that Wendy was actually a devoted mother.     

But the truth was...     

After Autumn and Charles left, Wendy went back to the living room to get back to her plan. Simon refused to get involved, so he made an excuse and left the room. The servants were dismissed, leaving only Wendy, Yvonne and Sam.     

Sam had remained silent all this time. Then he asked, "Why did you ask me to stay? I don't believe that it's because you want to have dinner with me."  

"You are a clever man!" Wendy sneered, "Sam, there are only three of us in this room now. Let's be frank and put our cards on the table. I have a way to break Autumn and Charles apart. Will you help me?"    

Sam fixed his eyes upon Wendy's face and asked with a smile, "What makes you think that I will help you?"    

Since Wendy had told him her intention, she must be confident that Sam would take her side. Sam wanted to know why she was so determined.     

"You haven't moved on after all these years."    

"Has it ever occurred to you that I love her so much and I won't do anything to hurt her?" Sam gave a scornful smile.   

"Oh stop being such a nice man!" 

Yvonne taunted, "Love is extremely selfish. If you love Autumn, how can you not want to be with her? I love Charles so much and I will do everything to have him fall in love with me. I know you feel the same about Autumn."    

Sam uttered no word. Wendy looked at Sam and urged, "Sam, make up your mind. Time waits for no one."    
"Fine! What do I have to do?"    

On the way back home, Charles kept a serious face and said nothing. He couldn't get his mind off what he saw earlier as Sam held Autumn. He had a lot of questions and wanted to ask Autumn.   

"You... You have questions for me?" Autumn asked.     

"What about you? Is there anything you want to tell me?" Charles asked in reply.     

"I..." Autumn hesitated for a long time before she spoke. "I didn't know that they invited Sam. My mother asked me to take him around the house, so I did it. On the way back inside, I slipped and Sam helped me to my feet. There is nothing going on between us."    

"That's it?" Charles pulled over and turned to Autumn. "Who is that lady? She keeps trying to seduce me and your parents turn a blind eye. They even add fuel to the flame and encourage it. What is going on?"  

"You are thinking too much." Autumn looked away. Of course she knew Yvonne had gone too far. But if she told Charles the truth, her identity would be exposed. She dared not do that.     

"She is a distant relative and will stay with my parents for a while. 

Maybe she was just being hospitable..." Autumn murmured as she avoided looking at Charles.     

"She was just being hospitable?" 

Charles sneered, "Do you think I'm an idiot? That other night when we had dinner, she told me she wanted to be my wife. You are my wife and you don't mind that at all. I don't understand."  

Autumn remained silent. Every time they talked about this matter, Autumn always kept quiet. Charles knew she had her reasons. But Yvonne was getting way out of line and Charles couldn't bear it anymore.     

"Say something. You are the daughter of Simon and Wendy. Why do they always try to pair me with some distant relative? Please tell me the truth, who is she?" Charles was getting exasperated.     

Charles asked a lot of questions, but Autumn didn't answer. An awkwardness had developed between them that evening.     

Charles made up his mind to teach Autumn a lesson. He ignored Autumn as if she was not there. He wanted to take this opportunity to tell Autumn that running away from reality doesn't help solve any problem.   

Back in their home, Gary and Chris were very worried about Charles and Autumn. They talked to Autumn and Charles separately, trying to figure out what was wrong.     

"What is wrong between you and my brother? You don't talk to each other. The atmosphere here is quite intense and Grandpa and I dare not speak in a loud voice." Chris wanted to know what had happened between Autumn and Charles. 

Autumn smiled and answered, "It's nothing. Just a small couple fight."    "It has been two days, but you haven't talked with each other." 

Chris furrowed her brow. Since Autumn got married to Charles, they had gotten on very well and never argued with each other. But this time, Chris felt something was wrong.   

Obviously, Charles was mad at Autumn. But Autumn didn't say anything as if she was deliberately staying away from Charles.     

"I don't know what has happened between you and Charles. But I know that Charles loves you very much. Whatever happened, Charles will understand if you explain to him." Strict as Charles looks, he has a tender heart. No matter what troubles Chris had made when she was a kid, Charles would always come to her rescue.




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