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Season 1

Episode 90

(His regrets)

"You were forced to marry Charles. How could you spend your whole life with him as his wife? You don't love him, do you?" The fact that she was forced into marriage made Sam's heart ache. He said, "Listen, I am serious. Why don't you divorce him? Don't worry I will find your grandmother. We will take her abroad and live a happy life where Charles and your parents can never find us. What do you think?"    

"Stop joking, Sam." Even if Autumn didn't marry Charles, she wouldn't have agreed to Sam's suggestion. 

When Sam left with his mother years ago, she was heart-broken and her affection for Sam has gone. 

So it was no surprise when she replied, "Sam, I know you that you are a good person, but …" Autumn took a seat in the pavilion. It was at dusk and a cool breeze blew gently. 

Autumn hesitated for a moment. When she finally opened her mouth, "Sam, Wendy invited you to come here with a purpose. If Charles saw us, he would misunderstand that something is going on between us. Sam, I know it'll be hard to believe this, but you must know, I… I have fallen in love with Charles."  

She thought to herself, 'I promised Wendy to to distance myself from Charles and I will do as she wishes. But I am not Wendy's pawn. Besides I don't want Charles to think that Sam and I are lovers.'    

She turned to Sam, "Yvonne has realized that Charles is a good husband, so now she regrets having me take her place as his wife. She wants my place now. But they do not know how to turn this situation around, so they invited you over today. I am asking you not to reveal my real identity when Charles arrives." 'My grandmother is being held captive. I have no choice.'  

"Why do you sacrifice your own happiness?" Sam didn't believe that Autumn had fallen in love with Charles. He couldn't understand why Autumn insisted on maintaining the status quo. He thought that if Autumn and Yvonne went back to being themselves, Autumn would feel happy. So he asked, "If she wants to be Charles's wife, why don't you let her be?"  

"Sam!" Autumn yelled as she turned gloomy. Then she looked at Sam, "I have my own plan. If you don't help me, then don't get in my way."    

Autumn didn't want Charles to think that she had a relationship with Sam. If they broke up because of Sam, she would be devastated.     

'If my parents and my sister are determined to have Charles and me separated, I prefer that it happen in a gentler manner. I don't want Charles to get hurt too much.'    

Sam stared at Autumn unblinking for a while. When he was sure that she was serious, he replied, "Okay. I promise."    

Autumn was relieved to hear this. But Sam continued, "Little Ye, I thought you and Charles married because you loved each other. I didn't want to be a home wrecker, so I stayed away. But now… I know that you were forced to marry Charles, so I won't give up. I will fight for your love. You will realize that I am the one meant for you."  

"Sam, you don't need to do that." She thought to herself, 'You don't understand. I love Charles.' She tried to use another way to persuade Sam. "Chris is a good girl. You are perfect for each other. Although she seems unconcerned, she loves you much. Besides, she is good-looking and from a rich family, so you…"    

Sam interrupted her, "I know you hate me for abandoning you years ago." Sam thought with brows wrinkled, 'My mother broke us up. 

She said the gap between you and I was insurmountable. It was ridiculous. I loved my mother, so I obeyed. But our love has nothing to do with status and property. I love everything about you.   

I know exactly that Chris is the type of girl my mother likes but I love Autumn.'    

Sam pondered for a while, then he declared, "I respect your decision. But you must also respect mine. Until you find your real happiness, I will not give up."    

Autumn said nothing. She felt a little bothered by Sam's persistence.     

While they were talking, Charles arrives at the Gu's family house. Although he didn't like Autumn's family, he brought presents anyway. He had asked David to buy some health supplements.   

"Father, Mother," He greeted Simon and Wendy as soon as he saw them. But Yvonne was the first to welcome him, "Charles, you are here!"    

She took the presents that Charles was holding and she said smiling, "This is your home too. There is no need bringing presents every time you come."    

"It's my duty as a devoted son-in-law," Charles nodded at Simon as he said, "Yvonne and I seldom come here. We just buy these presents to show our devotion."    

"Take a seat. We have been waiting for you. Supper will be ready soon." Wendy laughed and then added, "Autumn, why are you just standing there? Have a seat and chat with your brother-in-law."  

Wendy wanted to create a chance for Yvonne to get close to Charles and Yvonne knew it. She leaned towards Charles and whispered in a sweet tone, "Brother-in-law, come and have a seat."    

"No, not yet. Where is your sister?" Charles asked frowning at Yvonne. He couldn't see Autumn in the room.     

"She…" Yvonne was insulted that Charles asked her that way. 'What did he mean by that?     

He has just arrived and he is already looking for Autumn.'    

"She is in the backyard." Wendy pointed in the direction of the backyard, saying, "She is talking with Sam." "  

Sam?" Charles was surprised to know that Sam was also there. He thought, 'Why is he here? I thought this was a family dinner?'    

"It's time for supper. Please tell the others," Wendy said flatly.     

As soon as Charles left, Yvonne complained, "Mother, what are you doing? He seldom comes here. Why did you ask him to go look for Autumn? What about me? I need time to talk with him." Yvonne was impetuous, which is her biggest flaw.     

"You, you are so stupid!" Wendy sighed and she explained, "Imagine what Charles would think if he saw his wife happily chatting with Sam."  

"He…" Yvonne wrinkled her brows and thought for a long time then soon realized why her mother asked Charles to look for Autumn.     

"But Mother… What if Sam told Charles about Autumn and our real names? 'Now is not the right time to reveal the truth. I was going to tell Charles my real name when he falls in love me. If he knows the truth now, the situation will be out of control.'    

"Don't worry. He won't," Wendy comforted Yvonne in a firm tone. In her mind, 'A person as slow-witted as Yvonne can only think of the possible problem. But Autumn will surely do something to prevent it from happening. I gave Autumn and Sam time to talk so that Autumn can persuade Sam to stay quiet.   

For Autumn's own good, Sam will keep it a secret.'    

When Charles got to the door leading to the backyard, Autumn and Sam were done talking and were about to leave. "Sam, let's go back inside. It's cold here," She suggested.     

Autumn stopped Sam who was removing his coat to give to her. "No, thank you. Let's go back. Charles will be here soon."    

"Okay." Sam replied with a nod. At the stone stairs on the way back from the backyard, Autumn missed a step but Sam caught her by the arm. She didn't fall, but was a bit shaken.     

"Are you okay?" Sam asked with a concerned look as he put his arm around her shoulders.   

The embarrassing Autumn stepped away from Sam. Her face showed no emotion as she said, "I am fine."    
They continued to go inside the house. Then Autumn saw Charles standing at the entrance with an expressionless face and she felt nervous. Maybe Charles saw what had just happened. She hurried up to him and asked, "How long have you been here?"    

"I arrived just a moment ago." Charles replied with a smile and sparkling eyes which turned defensive when he looked over to Sam.     

He felt some hostility from Sam. Autumn looked at the two men and found the atmosphere was getting tense, so she explained, "Charles, my mother invited Sam to have supper with us."




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