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Season 1

Episode 88

(A video of grandma)

Wendy frowned. She said no such thing. She looked questioningly at Yvonne who was beside her. 

Yvonne burst with anger and shame as she was caught lying. She pointed a finger at Autumn, "Autumn Ye, how dare you? I said 'Tell Charles to come alone'. But what did you do? Why did you go to the restaurant with Charles? By the way, speaking of the dinner, Charles only took one bite of the beefsteak and left me all alone. How can you ask me to keep my promise? You are dreaming?"    

Autumn snapped back, "Yvonne Gu, if I didn't come, you wouldn't even get to have dinner with him. 

Besides, even though I tagged along, I didn't even sit at the same table with you and your beloved Charles. You are not attractive enough to keep his attention. Why put the blame on me?"  

"You..." Autumn's unreserved revelation of what happened humiliated Yvonne. Yvonne yelled, "I don't care! if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been humiliated like that. If it weren't for you, Charles would have already fallen in love with me."    

Autumn sneered, "Yvonne Gu, you always put the blame on others? Why don't you reflect on your own actions? Stop putting it on me." 

 "Enough!" Simon, who had been silent all this time, interrupted Autumn, "Autumn, I know you have been wronged deeply, getting married to Charles like that. Now that the crisis at my company has passed we'd better get everything back on track. After all, Charles really wanted to marry Yvonne first. 

Now Yvonne has changed her mind and wants to be Charles's wife. You are Yvonne's elder sister. You should be helping her instead of hurting her."    

Autumn gave a scornful smile and thought to herself, 'What a ridiculous family! When Yvonne fled from the wedding, they forced me to marry Charles. Now they want me to give it all up because Yvonne changed her mind?'  

"Uncle Simon, you are right. As the elder sister, I should help my younger sister." Autumn stressed the word "help" as she sneered and continued, "How about this? I call Charles now and tell him I am Autumn Ye. I was forced to get married to him. Now the real Yvonne Gu regrets having fled from their wedding and now wants to be his wife. What do you think of that?"    

"You..." Simon pointed exasperatedly at Autumn. Autumn had always been weak. Why was she behaving so aggressively today?     

It was no surprise that Autumn had become so aggressive. She had been fooled by Wendy and Yvonne so many times. They even threatened Autumn with her grandma again and again. Yvonne always forced Autumn to pair herself with Charles. Autumn was finally fed up.   

"Enough! Stop arguing!" Wendy said coldly. She had a mind of her own and had defeated countless ladies to be Simon's wife. She didn't know why her daughter Yvonne was so brainless.     

Anyway, Yvonne was still Wendy's loving daughter.     

Wendy stared at Autumn and said, "Stop mocking Simon and Yvonne! Let's make a deal. If you help Yvonne win Charles's love, you'll get a healthy grandma back. Does that sound good for you?"  

"I won't do anything for you anymore." Autumn answered blatantly, "Wendy Ye, don't use my grandma to threaten me ever again. From now on, as long as I don't see my grandma, I will never do anything for you."    

Yvonne and Simon's faces darkened. If Autumn refused to help them in the future, what should they do?     

"Autumn Ye, how dare you?" Yvonne spluttered.     

"You can have a try," Autumn sneered, "If I don't see my grandma, I wouldn't do anything for you. I might even let something slip in a moment of weakness one day. Don't blame me for that."  

Wendy cast a stern glance at Autumn, "What a disrespectful daughter you are! Shame on you!"    "I have become what you made me." 

Autumn sneered, "After all, like mother, like daughter."    

"Well, I guess you don't want to see your grandma anymore." Hearing Wendy mention her grandma, Autumn frowned and asked, "What do you mean by that?"    

"I have a video of your grandma. She will have surgery soon and has no time to see you. If you don't want to watch this video, then... I'll just delete it." Wendy said with a cold smile.   

"Is that true?" Autumn was feeling like a roller coaster. It took a while to calm herself down.     

"Of course it is. Have a look." Wendy handed Autumn her cell phone. 

Wendy knew that if she didn't let Autumn know what happened to her grandmother, Autumn would definitely turn her coat. Therefore, Wendy had threatened the old woman that if she didn't do as she was told, Wendy would harm Autumn.     

Autumn's grandma didn't want Autumn to worry about her, so she took the video as Wendy instructed.     

Autumn played the video. The moment she saw her grandma, she felt tears well up in her eyes.   

"Grandma..." She murmured as she reached out to her grandma's face, but she could only touch the cold screen.     

At the beginning of the video, Autumn's grandma lay in a hospital bed coughing. She had lost much weight and looked as if the wind could easily blow her away.     

She looked rather pale. But she gave a kind smile before the camera. "Do I start now? Autumn, I'm feeling good now. You mother has found me a doctor and I'll have surgery soon. Don't worry about me. 

Take good care of yourself. I'll come to see you when I recover." 

Hearing her grandma's voice, Autumn couldn't hold back the tears as they streamed down her cheeks.     
Autumn watched the video many times. Finally, she wiped away the tears and raised her head asking, "How is my grandma? I haven't seen her in a month. Why does she look so thin?"    

Wendy took back her phone and answered, "Your grandma is ill and it's normal for her to lose weight. I have hired a nurse for her. You can see her after the operation."    

"You... Can you send me this video?" Autumn hesitated for a long time before asking Wendy.   

Wendy nodded, "As long as you do as I say."    

"I will." Autumn was nearly out of her mind. And Wendy knew Autumn well. She could easily control Autumn by using her grandma for blackmail.     

"I have thought the whole thing over. Charles is now very unsatisfied with Yvonne. You should start drawing yourself away from Charles and he will gradually realize that you are not as good as he thought. Then Yvonne will have her chance. Do we have a deal?" Autumn just agreed with Wendy, no matter what it was.     
Even though her heart was breaking, she had to accept Wendy's conditions for the sake of her grandmother.   

While they were talking, the servant announced from the entrance, "Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu, Mr. Lin is here."

"Please come in." Wendy smiled and greeted Sam. Autumn, however, frowned as she saw him.



  1. That video will be helpful for autumn to be able to track the location of her grandma

  2. I wonder when she would open up to charles

  3. Thank God i don't have a mother like that bitch

  4. This becoming more interesting


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