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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 114⭕

Travis Williams.

"Say cheese!!"  I said and took multiple pictures with my family and friends ofcourse its our wedding.

A beautiful union with kelly thr very day have been waiting for all my life.

"Congratulations once again sis I wish all the best and better yet make sure you seduce him with the lingerie we packed for you."Katherine winked at me and I chuckled, kelly looked away shyly.

"You're so naughty and am gonna miss you." Kelly hugged her tightly.

Congrats bro. You made the most excellent choices ." Dex shook hands with me and gave me a brotherly hug.

Yeah I got him released from jail a couple of days back.

"Thanks man." I smiled and waved the family as I got into the limo with my bride.

The car zoomed towards the airport where my private jet was waiting to take us to Paris .

"I can't believe we're finally married." Kelly said and placed her head on my shoulder.

I pecked her forehead and held her closer.

"Me neither. Have dreamt of this moment all my life . this is one of my greatest wish, to be with the woman of my dreams." I said calm and raised her chin up and took her lips in me.

We kissed all the way to the airport.

LOCATION: Paris 10;45pm.

"Come on baby you've been inside the bathroom for awhile now is something wrong?" I asked worried about her.

She had gone to the bathroom and refused to come out.

"Arh nothing am absolutely fine will be out in awhile." She says nervously and I wasn't buying that shit.

I got outta bed and walked towards the bathroom and got in without knocking only to find my bride in one of the most sexiest lingerie have ever set my eyes on.

"I look awful I know."she squeezed her face in a funny way.

I pulled her closer by the waist and tuck a strand of her hair behind her .

"Screw awful I want you now." I said husky and planted kisses on her neck and she moan softly..

I took her lips in mine as I kissed her hungrily.

She encircled her legs around my torso as I slammed her against the wall not breaking the kiss.

She trailed her soft long fingers on my chest sending lingering feelings all over my body.

She moan as my lips found it way to her tits.

I couldn't get just about enough of her. I took her outta the bathroom and placed her on the bed.



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