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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 113⭕

Kelly Harrison.

When he says we gonna see Dex I felt fear coursing through my veins as I thought about how he tried to take him away from me.

"Relax baby its gonna be fine okay? Am here." He held my palm tenderly and placed a kiss on it.

I nodded and stepped outta the car with him.

We walked towards the central prison and was excorted in by some warders.


My palm had become sweaty as he was being brought out before us.

Travis placed his palm on mine and squeezed it tenderly.

"Look what the cat dragged in." Dex smirked as he was forcefully made to seat in front us.

"Hello brother. " Travis smiled at him

I still don't get why he could be so calm around him even after the attempt on his life.

"I'm not your brother!!" He growled like a wounded lion.

"You don't have to continue this way Bro. I meant you no harm, mom never told us she had a son . you for a fact I can't ever deny you for anything in the world. " Travis said calmly and he sighed.

" look I understand you're mad at us for neglecting you all this years. You have every right to be but when you look at it you would understand how we could have accepted you with open arms." Travis said sincerely trying to get into Dex heart.

I really can't love him less. He's one in a million and different from anyone have ever come across.

"Am sorry. I thought you all never wanted a bastard around." He said with his head bent low and I felt his pain.

Even after finding out all the damage he has done we have no choice but to forgive and let go.

"Its OK bro I forgive you and I hope you forgive yourself too." Travis smiled and turned to me.

"Am sorry kelly I deserve every bit of what's happening to me. I would only be at peace with myself after you've forgiven me." He said and I could feel the sincerity from his words.

I brought forth my hands and took his cuffed hands in mine and smiled at him.

" I forgive you okay? And it would be nice if you learn from your mistakes." I spoke and Travis placed his hand around my shoulder.

" sure I'll. Do we're still friends right?" His face lit up abit.

" yeah sure we're and don't worry you are not alone." I assured him.

He nodded and smiled a smile which signify how happy he was.

"Time up." The officer says and took him back to his cell.

He waved at us as he was being taken back.

"Let's go home love." Travis muttered and together we walked towards the parking lot.

" so what do you think we should do about him?" I spoke the moment he drove off.

" I was actually thinking about getting him out ta that awful place sooner but I just wanna be sure he's a changed man now." He said wisely and I agree to it.

" you're the best outta the best. More reasons why I can't possibly live without you." I said staring at him with so much love ..

"Awww 😍 am supposed to blush like girls right? I love you so much and I would only wanna wake up next to you forever." He said and tried to kiss me but I smirked and screamed so he could concentrate on driving.

I really can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Wanna get married to him soon.

There are so many things I wanna do with him show him new things .

Love him more than can ever imagine.

Treat him like a king and get him ready for work every morning and ofcourse not without a good morning sex .

I giggled at my thoughts.

"What's getting my baby all happy." Get stared at me amazed.

"You're the source of my joy remember?" I took him off guard and he blushed looking away.



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