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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 111⭕

Travis Williamson.

"Ain't you ready yet?" I yelled from the parking lot.

"Just a minute." She yelled back.

Kelly had convince me to go pay mom a visit so we could talk about it.

Even though am mad at her I can't deny the fact that I love her so much.
"Finally ." I whinned as she walked outta the house and towards me.

"Shall we?" She smiled and got into the car.

"What took you so long your royal highness." I playfully said.

"Come on baby its only 30minutes and you're complaining." She stuck out her tongue at me 

I rolled my eyes and started the car before driving off.


"Welcome young master."one of the maids says and led us to a private living room which was once my hiding spot whenever I played hide and seek with dad.

"Hello son."I stood up the moment I heard dad's voice.
I moved closer and give him a father to sob hug.

"Its been awhile dad. How's business doing?"I sat down across his chair.

"Hello Mr William."  Kelly Pecked dad's cheeks.

"Kelly dear its good to have you around. Where's August?" He asked as kelly gave him a heart warming smile.

"He's home with ma'am Clarissa." She said and dad shrugs.

"Back to your question son, business is doing great and I trust yours is doing well too considering the fact that you just recently ranked number two billionaire."he says and I blushed .

"Thanks dad where's mom." I asked.

"She should be in her room ." he said dryly

After everything that had happened dad was so furious with mom and it almost caused a rift between them. 

Am gonna help rebuild their relationship again , .

"I'll just go upstairs and meet up with her be right back baby." I said and pecked her cheek before taking the stairs.

"I went upstairs to her room and found her watching TV..

She turned to the door post and find me standing beside it 

My heart melted when I saw how weary she had become after crying so much.

"Travis baby?" She was shocked.who won't be for awhile I never wanted to see her anymore.

I raced into her arms and gave her a hug.

" I forgive you mom I did mom!! I can't stay mad at you forever😢" i said into her shoulder.



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