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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 105⭕


I groan softly and felt my breathe hard on my face,that was when I discovered it was an oxygen mask.

I took it off and tried to stand up but I keep falling back .

My leg so weak plus they can barely move. Where is everyone?

Was able to get to the wheelchair and wheeled myself outta the ward.

I heard my name immediately and I recognize that voice it was kelly.

Headed to where the ward \theater. It was in believable. My kelly had given birth .

The doctors looked at me in Surprised

"You're awake sir I can't believe this is a miracle." He said and my baby was handed to me.

He's such a cute little thing just like her mommy.

Am so sorry little guy, I wasn't there to watch over you tw9.

I went over to Kelly who was sleeping soundly. I stroke her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead.

The baby was taken away from me to be washed up

I was wheeled outside by a nurse almost immediately the kids and kellys mom came through the hallway.

"Dad??" Ivy ran all the way to me.

"Hey big girl." I hugged her tightly.

The rest ran to me jennie was in tears.

" this is a miracle grandma." Everyone was happy .

"Yes it is. Thanks to Kelly who never lost hope at all." Her mom said happily..

"Speaking about Kelly guess what kids you have a new baby brother." I announce and everyone jump up happily.

Am more the happiest man on earth. 

The doctor had taken her and the baby to another ward. 

"Come over here ivy ." I smiled and pecked her forehead.

"Are you okay? Daddy? You're fine now right?" She asked so many questions and I nodded in smiles.

"Yes baby now lets go see your baby brother." I Pinched her Playfully.



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