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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 103⭕

7 month later.

Kelly Harrison.

7 month and he's yet to Open his eyes even though there's improvement.

I was at home preparing the kids dishes when I heard the bell.

I left what I was doing and walk towards the door and open it.

Omg !! Mom.

I jumped on her  arms happily not bothered about my pregnancy.

"Hi Kelly." My sisters greeted.

"Hey girls welcome to england.' I. Chuckled and ushered them into the house.

"How have you been baby?" Mom pinched my cheeks playfully.

"Ouch !! Am fine am fine okay?"she checked me out.

"Well have been fine at least. Everyone get to the table lunch is about to be served" I announce and led them to the dining room.

"Where are the kids?' Clarrissa asked.

"At school." I sighed and watched them eat.

"What about travis! Still no improvement?" Mom asked calmly.

The look on my eyes explained everything I was going through.

I sighed frustratedly as i thought about him.
The doctors are slowly starting to loose hope but I've strong faith he'll pull through.

He made a promise to me that he's gonna be there with me during my delivery and am almost due to give birth.

My placed her hand on my shoulder jerking me back to reality....

"Its okay my dear I understand how you feel okay?" She smiled and pulled me into a hug.

I bent down to pick up my dish but I felt slight pains immediately.

I shrugged it off and went over to the kitchen to keep my plate.

I need to be at the hospital with Travis.


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