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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 102⭕


I got him transferred to one of the best hospital in England and move over there with the kids.

My family insisted on coming with me but I declined. I can take care of myself.

The kids got enrolled into another school and had to blend in with the other kids.

Was in Travis's ward reading a comic book.

I stopped and looked at him. He cute pale face.

He laid so peacefully yet vulnerable. I took his palm in mine and placed a kiss on it.

"If you can hear me baby just know I love you so much and I won't ever give up on you we gonna fight this together." I whispered and held it close to my heart.

"What are you doing?" I heard a familiar voice.

I turned to find Travis mom standing by the door.

What is she doing here?_

"What do you want?" I half yelled at her.

Its all her fault Travis is in this state.  She's so greedy to let her son die and I hate her for it.

"Calm down okay ? Let me explain." She said and I got more angry.

"Explain what exactly? Its all thanks to you that he's in this  vegetative state and for that I don't think I can ever forgive you." I lashed out at her.

"Please just listen to me. Am so sorry okay? I was just ignorant." She sighed sadly and I glared.

" not ignorance but greed. If you don't mind I was busy before you came ,leave the same way you came thank you." I went back to reading the comic

"What is this old witch ! Doing here?" Jeremy frown on seeing her so called grandma.

"Jeremy baby I can explain please am sorry." She pleaded.

The kids in turn glared at her.

"We don't wanna hear it just stay away from us and kelly. Get lost old hag." Jennie pushed her outta the way and walked towards me.

"Welcome back kids how was school today?" I asked.

"School was cool but I miss my old friends." Ivy pouts and I sigh.




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