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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 101⭕

Kelly Harrison.

The doctor came out shortly looking all downcast .

I stood up and rush towards him.

"How is he now?" I asked impatiently.

He sigh before saying anything.

"The bullet penetrated deep into his organs  fortunately we were able to get it out but the sad news is that he slip into coma and so sorry." He said and I could feel my cheeks getting wet with hot tears.

"Please do something anything." I grabbed hold of him as more tears roll down my cheeks.

"Am sorry ma'am but there's nothing I can do at the moment. He needs to be taken care of shown that you guys haven't given up on him , read him books sing is favorite songs . hopefully that should help him a lot." He managed to cut himself loose from me before walking away.

I turned to the kids who already tears in their eyes.

I pull them together and hugged them to myself.

"Don't worry OKay? Am gonna do my possible best to make sure he's fine again." I said amidst the hug.

"Daddy Is gonna be okay right?" Ivy asked innocently and it hurts me so much.

"Please do something save my dad, He's all we have left." Jennie sobbed and Jeremy nodded.

" I'm gonna do all it takes to get him up again. And don't worry you have me now am here for you." I wiped their tears with my thumb.

I left them and went back to the doctor 
He was seated in his office doing some paperwork.

"What can I do for you miss?"he asked.

"I would like to get him transferred to England. His treatment can be continued over there." I said and he nodded.


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