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I chuckled softly when i noticed my baby was being shy.

"Are you shy baby? Come on look at it." My voice came out huskily.

She shook her head and covered her eyes with her palm.

I teased her "under" with my tongue and she almost jumped outta bed.

Guess there's a first time for everything.

I positioned myself in between her legs and playfully trail the tip of my genital against her own entrance.

She moan softly grabbing hold of the sheets for support.

"Relax baby." I whispered and slowly inserted into her honeypot.

She groan in pain making me stop. Waited for her to adapt to it. And slowly I thrust in and outta her not to hurt her.

Tears rolled outta her eyes this time I pulled outta her.

That's the last thing i wanted to see.

"No don't stop." She urge me but I shook my head indicating no.

"Am sorry but I can't." I said and kiss away her tears.

I pulled her into my warmth and we stayed that way. I love too much to hurt her. 

Wanna propose to her but don't really know how to go about It.

Shan tel insisted on helping out but wants two credit cards in return 

Like seriously?? She's one crazy sis. Guess I'll have to agree to her condition if that's gonna help me out.

I glanced at kathy but funny enough she fell asleep in my arms. Gush she's so cute and tender.

Why didn't I see all this on time?

She's my Angel in disguise. I pecked her on the forehead and covered her properly.

She mumbled in her sleep and adjusted into my touch.



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