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{Hazel eyes 😍 }



I left the mansion and hid somewhere and watched him search for me.

I cried my eyes out as I thought about everything. Just can't keep living this way.

He doesn't have feelings for me and will never.
Stayed hidden till he was outta sight before leaving.

Am going back to Vegas to start over again hopefully I can try to get over this feelings.


I walked quietly into my apartment in Vegas and took off the sheets off my interiors.

It still has that same lovely smell that I always loved.

My phone has been ringing all through but I never bothered to take quick glance at it because I knew that jay won't stop calling, I got so frustrated and smashed the phone..

He doesn't need me anymore 😭 Keisha and the rest of the family is there for him.

I sat on the couch with my legs cuddle up inbetween my arms.

I couldn't hold back the tears that rolled down my cheek.

It hurts so much to love someone and your love was never returned.

I feel so stupid right now. I try I try to kill that feeling for years now but I just couldn't. Hopefully I could get over it today.

I couldn't stop crying and resolved into drinking. I went over to the bar and took a bottle of tequila.

I kept drinking till I was dead drunk and started talking to myself and laughing.

I blacked out a while later.



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