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{Hazel eyes 😍 }



" what are you doing here huh?" I growled at her.

"Am sorry babe 😢 I know I messed up big time but truth to be told I can't do without you." She sobs and tried to touch me but I signaled her to stop.

"Yeah right! I guess you done with Ian or probably he doesn't want you anymore." I said trying to conceal my anger.

" no no it's nothing like that. Look am sorry I really love you and can't do  without you please one more chance and I promise to make it up to you."  She came closer and hugged me and sobbed on my shoulders 

As much as I was still mad at her I still have feelings for her plus I can't see her cry.


I was working on Jay's schedule for the next day Plus his music video shoot.

I dropped my laptop and walked towards the glass wall. My eyes landed on Jay who drove into the compound.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Keisha standing there.

Why is she here? I stood there watching them.

My heart almost ripped apart when he hugged her.

This time I couldn't hold back the pain my heart, I couldn't keep on fighting back my tears..

I fell to the floor and let it flow freely.

All I wanted was love nothing else. I wanted to be loved by the people I loved.

I held on the curtains and cried my heart out for the pain was unbearable.

I don't really think I can keep fighting this thing  called love. I would only get hurt in the process.

Should have listened to my cousin ,. 

I stood up and dried my tears. I won't be able to keep up with everything that's going on else am gonna get myself killed.

I walked towards the closet and took out all of my stuff.

It was obvious love doesn't work out for me.

I'll just going back to being lonely and locked in without friends.



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