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There was Alex. There were Mr. Harrison and those damn prosecutors. There was Drew's mom - her dad, too.There was Frank. And there was the most guilty of them all...Those seven are the reasons why Drew lost the chance to just be, you know...normal.

Let's start with Alex. I've heard the story. She was told that she was the "prime" suspect in Jin Yasir's murder, she wanted to vent about it to Alex...yeah, yeah, I've heard it many times from both Adam and him. I stopped listening to his rants about how guilty he's felt. It got old after ten straight days of him crying and apologizing and sounding like a fucking chicken wuss. ...I know, I sound like an asshole for saying that in this situation, but as previously mentioned, he is one of the seven holding responsibility for how things have turned out for Drew.

He screwed the girl next door. He wasn't the first to betray Drew's trust, but his was the first act of betrayal that she discovered. She never wanted to come to Harrison - she shouldn't have come to Harrison, but she chose to because she wanted to escape from her cheating boyfriend. If Alex hadn't screwed the blonde bimbo next door, she'd still be okay. Drew might have gotten the life she wasn't supposed to avoid.

So it's probably obvious how things turned out for Alex. He's fine, besides the aforementioned guilty feeling. When he and Noah saw Adam, Drew, and I being rolled out on gurneys, Alex almost lost it. And when he heard the news...that was when the days of chicken-wussery began.

Alex is partially to blame. He has partial responsibility in Drew's fate. But he's not the only one.

Mr. Harrison's involvement began with the prosecuters in the case of Jin Yasir's murder, as do the roles of Drew's parents.

They knew it was me. Well...the prosecutors correctly believed at first, then everything just went on from there.

The prosecutors who were attempting to find the evidence to convict me in Jin Yasir's murder found out that I was heading to Harrison. That certainly helped their case, undoubtedly. Some anti-social kid who was going to a juvenile delinquent boarding school for assaulting a group of guys, had something against Yasir, and had just lost his mother to suicide thanks to Yasir? I was the perfect suspect, especially considering I was the guilty one as well.

As long as I'm going off topic for a moment...yes, I was originally sent to Harrison for pummeling some of my classmates until they were nearly comatose. My reason for that was simple: they mocked my mother. It happened soon after her suicide, so I was still pretty raw emotionally. And, well...they asked for it! They were saying that I deserved to be alone, that she deserved to die for producing an asshole like me, shit like that... 

Anyway, I beat the crap out of them, and Jin Yasir was killed soon after.

 If the prosecutors exploited all of that information, they would have their killer convicted; they were probably already planning their victory party.

So the prosecuting team called up Mr. Harrison and explained their case against his incoming student. From what I've discovered, the lawyers wanted even more evidence that I was an insane son of a bitch who should be locked up from society - like I hadn't been keeping myself from society without them. 

He was happy to oblige - for what could be better for the community than getting a pugnacious murderer beind bars? - but this little conspiracy had a few holes that needed to be filled. First off, how would I show my real, crazy self in an enviornment where showing your true colors could potentially put you in deep shit - just look at what happened to Drew: she never was able to cover up her innocence, and now... 

Damnit Zane, you're going off topic again! Anyway, secondly, even if any of my peers came to know the real me, who would step forward? After all, we were all a bunch of insane sons of bitches who should be locked up from society; juvenile criminals have to stick together. Who would be enough of a law-abiding citizen to choose to testify my violent mind? Why, a law-abiding citizen, of course! And who better than the girl who was also anti-social, wouldn't be missed by her peers, and had no reason to lie to investigators or to hide her potential observations of my craziness? 

And while they're at it, why not force the innocent-girl and the criminal to get acquainted by assigning them to each other as roommates; like that wasn't taken from cliche teenage girl boarding school stories on the internet.

That plan worked out so well, right? It didn't have any obvious possible backfires?

Well, those people didn't think so, and Drew's parents were convinced to think so, too. When they were told that Drew was a prime 
"suspect" in the crime that I committed, her mom and dad were all too willing to send their daughter away in hopes that the experience would save her from a life of crime and immorality. In a way, you could say her time at Harrison served the purpose they were aiming for. The two now have a life of guilt and childlessness ahead of them, but at least Drew will never be a serial killer.

Frank might be in danger of that, though. He was already a serial rapist when he was enrolled in Harrison. Now he's graduated to being a murderer as well as taking up residence in a jail. His buddies, Axel and Blade, traveled this road with him, but they're all broken up now. Axel and Blade still attend Harrison, but on separate ends of the school, never allowed to even be in the same vicinity as long as their punishments for raping and being accessories to murder last. 

Maybe they would still be able to be friends and be with each other, had they not decided to associate themselves with Frank. Now, I'm not saying that I've ever been any better, but rape and murder is considered to be a little worse than assault and murder.

He killed Drew. His hands ended her life.

After the repeated hesitation he showed in strangling her, Frank got tired of waiting for her to pay for committing my crime. He didn't just press down to deprive her of air like he planned. Her death came a lot swifter than he thought and wanted it to, which sort of brings us some sort of solice. Instead of pressing down at the base of her neck, which would've rendered her unable to breathe, Frank unintentionally used a different method. 

The scene replays in my head constantly.

His hands lifting from her skin for a moment. The look of relief that came across Drew's face for half of a second.

The expression of fear that followed as his hands came crashing down.
The final, accepting face. She had sadness in her eyes, and she bit her lip in anxiety. Her look was complete with an awkward, strangely warm smirk underneath her front teeth. 

For a moment, I hoped that she would try to push him away, kick him, shift her head so that his hands would be prevented from contacting her throat.

However, once Frank pressed into her larynx with all of his was too late. She could not fight back anymore. No more air could get through to her lungs, for her voice box blocked her airway; that's what the paramedics told me when they arrived at Frank's room after Alex and Noah called the cops. She fucking suffocated!

It took Drew almost four minutes to become unconscious. Her squirming and failed attempts at gasping for air only made Frank press down harder on the upper section of her neck. After she passed out and - permanently - ceased her struggle, he still refused to let up. The asshole knew what he was doing!

Well, he would...because it was the same method I used in killing his uncle - which brings me to the most guilty of the contributors to Drew's death.


Everything that I've done over the past year has only caused the shitty experiences Drew has been subject to. I killed Jin Yasir out of a desire to avenge my mother, and she was sent off to Harrison, where she roomed with ME. I allowed her to become my friend, to get close to me, because I knew she wouldn't last two seconds without someone there to ensure that assholes like Frank wouldn't get the opportunity to do shit to her.

I did such a damn great job protecting her that now I just might look into becoming a bodyguard!

And then, to make matters worse, I never noticed when she was getting those notes from Frank... I ignored the blood, the fidgeting, the uneasiness, all of the signs that indicated her future suicide attempt. She wouldn't have almost leapt off of the roof of Harrison, only to be put into Isolation for a month!

Then, of course, came my ever wise decision to confess my killing to her. On the day she got out of fucking Isolation for fucking "emotional instability and self-mutilation." My masterful logic is astounding...

Keep your distance, or you might hurt yourself in attempting to understand.

Finally, I just had to go and get my dumbass taken by Frank. Kidnapped as bait. For Drew.

"She didn't deserve this," I whisper into the microphone. If I speak any louder, my voice might betray me and convey how much I wanted to cry. "Drew never was supposed to be involved in any of this." I stare accusingly out in the crowd and state in a low, shaken voice, "We all killed her."

As expected, there are hushed whispers and gasps to be heard throughout the room. But I don't give a shit. "No one asked Drew if she wanted to be involved in my life. No one told her the consequences of coming to Harrison."

Noah and Adam sit in the third row, comprehending my words but not fully realizing the meaning behind them. Their wounds have healed, Noah's emotional and Adam's physical. They will be free to move on with their recovery and continue their lives in relative peace - the two of them have served their sentences of larceny.

"She was killed because I created the circumstances. I murdered her when I killed Jin Yasir. And for that I will never forgive myself, and you all shouldn't, either."

Stepping away from the walnut podium, I brush my fingers along Drew's black coffin, which match the ebony of her hair. It matches her future well as mine.

In her future, no one can hurt her.
In mine, no one can be hurt by me. 



  1. Tragedy i hate reading this kind of stories that end in sorrow. Thanks writer


  2. So she died for a crime she didn't commit.... I'm most disappointed in her parents 😢😔


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