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Episode 33 (Semi Final)

Zane's POV

Those assholes. Those manipulative, torturous, unscrupulous conspirators. They did this to Drew. All of them. It's their fault. It. Is. Their! Fucking! FAULT!

The six - wait, - of them made this happen to the one person who never should have even had any part in this!

My fists clenched hard at my sides, pulling away from my body, wanting to punch someone or something. I had the urge to slam them down on the floor, but that wouldn't have helped squat. First, I was kind of in the front of a church with at least fifteen other people, so I would have looked like the pissed off dumbass I knew I was but didn't want them to see. Second, although this church has been refurbished God knows how many times - get it? - the floors aren't the sturdiest that I've seen.

Even Harrison had better floor strength. There was so much creaking and slight sinking caused by just walking around that punching the flimsy floor would've created a huge gap of darkness that would swallow me hole.

That actually was sounding good at the time. The idea of just disappearing into the nothingness I knew I deserved. To just fall...and just watch the light speed farther and farther when it left Drew's blue eyes and turned them to the color of the Dull-Blue Flycatcher.

...It's a bird. I found out about it soon after it happened, and forever after I saw it everywhere I could. My sanity was eroded further everytime I saw it, but I didn't mind: I deserved it.

Why do I?

Well, why should I tell right now? No one has seemed to understand it. In fact, the majority of those who are to blame for Drew's fate are dumbasses and have no fucking clue that they are, which has made the days since then even harder.

I can, however, talk about what happened to Drew. What those seven did to her.



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