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Episode 31


Zane looked genuinely scared. I was certain that I probably did, too. 

He was being threatened because Frank - like everyone else - thought I murdered Jin Yasir. Although Zane was the actual killer, he was ironically being used as bait for the fake killer: me.

But Frank had no knowledge of this. In his opinion, Zane was just there to lure who was believed to be the actual killer. Frank wanted revenge on me. That was why he just looked plain pissed and hurt.

"Why did you do it, Drew?" he choked out. "How could you do it?"

I didn't, I wanted to say. He wouldn't believe me, though; my parents apparently didn't, so why would this irrational teenager? Screw it...I just stayed quiet.

"Answer me," whimpered Frank. I couldn't believe this sound was coming from the guy who had been torturing me since my arrival to this school. Frank's voice highlighted his weakness, his vulnerability. If I had been one of my classmates, I would've not only obeyed his request, but my reply would have been taunting and smart-alecky.

Too bad, Frank. I wasn't one of them. I wasn't able to answer. I didn't have one, after all.

"Damnit, why won't you answer me?!" the angered adolescent screeched, his voice cracking. "Why. Did. You. KILL. HIM!"

Zane was thrust to Axel's feet and a painful groan escaped from him.
Adam moved to help, but Axel kicked his stomach and shoved him in a way that would cause his head to collide with the doorknob, rendering him unconscious. I tried to move my arms so I could push Blade off and go to him; however, that was obviously impossible. His body still immobilized me and trapped me against the carpet.
Frank crouched down beside my head, blocking my view of Zane.

"How does it feel to be helpless? How do you feel knowing that you can't help someone you care about, and that you can't be helped by them now? How is it for you? 

Because it was hell for me!" I felt - and saw - his hands move to different parts of my neck and head together. At first, one gripped my chin while the other slid to the base of my skull. He was going to break my neck.

Suddenly, both of his hands pulled away from me for an instance. The one that was behind my head pulled a fistful of hair just lightly enough to keep my hair rooted, but strongly enough to make me gasp in pain. 

What did you expect? When you pull a girl's hair, it hurts! Frank swirved one-hundred-and-eighty degrees to slam something to the ground. I heard Zane groan again, which caused me to struggle all over again. This time, Frank's figure didn't block my sight. 

By putting one hand on the front of Zane's neck, Frank pushed "the bait" to my level and held him there for a moment.

He ordered, "Blade, make sure he doesn't move."

"What about Drew?"

"Oh," Frank glances my way with a cold smirk, "she won't be that difficult to take care of."

I would've rather had Blade. I actually plead to him with my face. Please don't! I'm afraid of him! He'll do something horrible to me!Either Blade ignored me or he just didn't care at all, for he obeyed his leader. Simultaneously - and gracefully, if I may add - the two cohorts switched prisoners. Frank pounced on top of me to resume Blade's position while his henchman rolled over his back to restrain Zane.

"Let him go," I cried. "You have me now."

"Dumbass," Blade muttered. 

Axel continued. "Your boyfriend and your little tranny friend here--" he gestured to the lying Adam-- "would just get in the way of Frank's mission. He has to do this, and we can't let anyone get in the way."

"Well put," Frank complimented. 

Axel actually smiled at what his insane friend said! Are you fucking kidding me? Don't they care about anything else but Frank's contentment?

Speaking of which, the kidnapper turned back to me soon after. "Now, I was going to spare you and just make you suffer like I did..." he begins, pointing to Zane and bringing his other index finger across his throat "...but since I'm here, I might as well make you suffer like my uncle did."

My eyes widened, and I immediately started thrashing around as best as I could in that given position while praying that Noah wouldn't adhere to my request to him. I prayed that he and Alex would come and make this stop, that they'd get the three of us out alive.

I finally said what I should've insisted before. "But I didn't kill him!"

"Don't try to deny it, bitch. We both know who did." With a steel look in his eye, he placed his hands around my neck. Now he decided he would strangle me, I assumed. Needless to say, I was scared shitless.

"You know," Zane said - awfully calmly, I should add, "if you're trying to make her suffer like Jin did, you could at least do it right."

Damn you, Zane.

 A lump arose in my throat. I looked over at him with tears streaming from my eyes. He winked! Really? That was when it hit me: he wasn't trying to kill me, or trying to come up with a more interesting way to do so; Zane was stalling.

It didn't work.
"Oh, so you bragged about it, too?!" 
Frank roared. "You don't deserve to suffer like I deserve to die!" 

Apparently, he didn't want an explanation anymore. He just wanted revenge...but I did not want to die.

"Listen to me, damnit!" I cried hoarsly. "I DIDN'T KILL HIM!" With all the strength a fifteen-year-old girl like myself could muster, I wriggled and thrashed and fought to free myself from this fate.
"Enough of your lies, you unscrupulous little bitch!" And with that, he pressed his hands down.

I couldn't breathe.
I was losing air.
I was suffocating.
I was...


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