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   {😜Bad Boy In Love😜}

        Episode 100.



"Brianna is in trouble and I will think that if you don't stop you ways flower. You would be in the same kind of trouble that she is. "
 I tell her as she turns back to look at me and sigh before turning back towards Brianna who is now surrounded by angry fans. 
Her name has been shattered and now she's ruined. 
She would have no choice but to submit and admit her wrong.. If she knows what's best for her. 

 "I know right, I feel so sorry for her and I already told you that I'm not going back to that way again. "
 She smiles as she wraps her arms around my neck. 

 I had misunderstood her all along. 
She had forgotten about Ian weeks ago and she was determined to move in. 
I talked to her last night. One thing led to the other and we had sex. 
How sweet. Isn't it? 

 "I'm glad you have cause won't have a girlfriend that thinks about another guy. "
I groan and she chuckles, shaking her head before going on her tiptoe to kiss my lips and I groan against her lips, pushing my hand into her and wrapping her arms around my waist. 

 I walk backwards.. Towards my tent. 
she's the only one that I need. 
All I can ever ask for. 


 "What's going on Ariel? "
 I ask and Arielle nods her head towards Brianna whose eyes are fill with tears.
 "She was the one behind my kidnapping and she had asked someone to rape me also but thankfully for me, the guy told me. "
 She says and my eyes widens as I turn to Brianna. 

I knew that she's evil but I never thought that it's this evil. Even to the point of having a innocent and a fellow girl to be raped. 

 "Please chase. Help me with everything. Come and clear everything to them, you're my fiance after all. Please. "
 I scoff. 
After everything she did to Arielle? 
She thinks I will help her! 
She must be really dumb! 

 "I'm not your fiance Brianna. It had been cut off. Ask your father when you get out of the mess you've accepted for yourself. "
 I smirk before grabbing Arielle's hand and pulling her along with me back inside our tent. 

 "You really mean it? She's not your fiance anymore? "
 She grins and I chuckle before nodding. 

 "I talked to father earlier. Said he wasn't gonna force it on me. "

 "Oh god. Thank you. Finally. "
 She smiles and I nod before wrapping my arms around her waist. 

 "I love you. You know that right? "
 I stare at her face and she nods, grinning. 

 "I love you too."
 I stare at her with my eyes wide and my mouth open. 
Did she just said... 

 "Yes Ethan. I love you. "
 And that's all it takes for me to close my lips on hers. 

 Never had I thought that I would fall in love with anyone but Arielle changed that about me. 

 I'm a bad boy but I'm a bad boy in love. 


  1. Omg! Beautiful, interesting and amazing. Thank you writer

  2. Oh my gosh !!! You are wonderful author but I was really waiting for ria and Hartley's part.

  3. Awwn ☺️
    Happiness at last😁😁😁

  4. Ohhh Author tanz... When do u have to end it

  5. Oh my God
    Lovely ending 😍😍
    Thumbs up author

  6. Wao! This is beautiful, Briana, fighting someone who is not fighting back is like punching a stone, u will be the one to be injured

  7. This is so beautiful 😍
    Thanks author

  8. Awwwnn I so much love this story😍
    Thumbs up writer


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