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            {😜Bad Boy In Love😜}

            Episode 99.


He must have noticed me moving back cause he sighs and shakes his head. 

 "Arielle, seriously. Don't you think if I really wanted to rape you, I wouldn't have told you in the first place? "
 He raises his brows at me and he's right. 

 If he really wanted to rape me like Brianna has asked him to then he would have just did it without telling me anything. 
I can't believe Brianna would do this. 
Just how length is she willing to go on this? 
To the extent of killing her fellow girl? 
All for what? 
Because chase get to be with me? 
I know I had told her that there's nothing between me and chase but that was a moment of anger and even if there was then, she shouldn't have done this. 

 I'm sure that she ashed to be friends because of all the devious things she would be planning for me. 

 "She was the one that planned your accident all. I mean your kidnapping, the one that drove you away from school. "
 What?! Okay that's the height of it will. 
I can't take it anymore! 
I can't! 
How can she have done such a thing? 

 Without thinking twice about it, I storm off back towards the camp in search of the devil that goes with the name Brianna. 

 I look around and I can't find her. 
She should come out now. 

She should come out and admit to everything that Hartley told me. 

 "Brianna! Brianna! "
 I yell looking around and all eyes turn to me as the coach walks towards be. 

 "Is everything okay? Why are you looking for her? "
 He asks and I bow to him. 

 "I just want to ask her sine questions. She owes me some answers. "
 I utter and he stares weirdly at me. 
He wouldn't understand what's happening. 

 "Why are you yelling my... "
 She stops talking immediately and her eyes widens when her eyes lands on Hartley then goes between the two of us. 
She must be wondering why he hasn't raped me yet. 
Yeah, he's that into your fucking skull! Bitch! 

  "Why did you asked him to rape me and why are you been sending people to kidnap be?! "
 I yell and everyone gasps as phones goes up, videoing camera shuttering and murmurs follows. 

 She looks around before her gaze lands back on me. 

 "Are you crazy? What do you think you're saying right now? Why would I do such a thing? I would never. "

 "Oh, so you're gonna deny still. I knew you would. Hartley, would you please mind telling it to her face when she had asked you to rape me! "
 I yell and Hartley steps beside me. 

 "Brianna says... "
 He stops and I look up to him. 
Why is he stopping? 
I look towards Brianna and she's shaking her head. 
Trying to tell him not to talk, Uh? 

 "Brianna had asked me to rape Arielle while pretending to be her friend because she wants her gone.. Especially after daring to be with her fiance. "
 And what follows are gasps.


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