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       (😜Bad Boy In Love😜)

           Episode 98.

I sigh as I watch her walk out together with that guy. 
Nothing, I mean nothing could have ever given me greater joy than what Arielle had just done. She forgives me? 
She really does. I can't believe it. 
I thought I was gonna have to wait for weeks or probably months, even months but this.. This I'm really surpass about it and I can't help but it feel good about it. 
I really love her. I really do and I'm glad that she doesn't want to let me go either. 
Now what's left is for me to talk together with father about getting married to Brianna. 
I know he wants me to get married to Brianna but I can't. I just can't. 
I can't get married to that girl. 
I love Arielle and she means everything to me. 

 I grab my phone and dial his number, crossing my fingers and praying that he understands where I'm trying to come from. 
I really pray that he doesn't try to separate me and Arielle. 
I would die if he does. 

 It rings for the third time before he picks up and I sigh before placing the phone, against my ear with my heart beating so fast against my chest. 
I hope that this works out. 
I really hope that it does. 

 *Hey son, how are you enjoying things so far? 
I heard from the manager that you went to the camping trip. In glad that you have finally decided to open up to everything. 

 I wouldn't gave been able to if it wasn't for Arielle. 

 *Um fine dad. How are you? "
 I ask and rub my palm against my thigh before standing up and pacing up and down the room or the tent rather. 
I have never been so nervous like this my entire life. 

 I am feeling like a graduate who's going to their first interview to get a job. 
The anxiety and the fear of been rejected. 
What if father doesn't agree and he wants me to get married to Brianna still? 
No I can't do that. I have to convince father, that's all that matters. 

 *Father, I need to talk you something. 
 I breathe out and there's silence at the other end. 

 *You sound like you're really serious. Come on, tell me. I will listen to everything you want to tell me and everything that's troubling you. 

 *Father, I can't get married to Brianna. 

 And silence at the other end which makes me think that this is never going to work. 

 *Why can't you get married to her, I thought you liked her. 

 Wait, what? He thought I liked Brianna? That's why he's trying to get me married to her? 

 *I don't like her father and I don't want ti get married to her. 

 *You should have told me this Chase, why would you keep quiet after all these days. 

 Okay, now this is really surprising me. Is he really... Telling me that.. Is this what I think it is. 

 *they were your wishes. 
I mumble and he laughs. 

 *I will never force you to get married to someone you don't like son. 
Yeah, I can ask you to get married to this girl but if you don't like her then I won't force it on you, don't ever do something you don't like because of me anymore cause I know how hard being forced to do something can do. 

 I grin as the words boons through the phone. 
So, I could have never have to get married to Brianna all these years. 
Oh, thank you Arielle. 
If I hadn't loved you and if I hadn't want to stay with you then I wouldn't have confirmed this. 

 I don't have to get married to Brianna!



  1. Some body scream! Can i be more happy than this? I love this kind of father. Chase dad is a good man. Can't want for the engagement to be called off. God please don't let Banana plan to work. Thank you my author

  2. Yeah🦸🦸πŸ₯³πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  3. Arielle self not get sense,how could you follow a guy you barely know to the forest



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