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    {😜Bad Boy In Love😜}

         Episode 97.


He smiles and move closer to me before his lips closes over mine and I groan before moving closer to him and wrapping my arms around his neck. 

 His lips taste exactly like they have always do. 
Chocolate and even though it's only been two days. I still missed him so much. 
I groan against his lips and his hands goes to my waist while I climb on his lap and bring my body closer against his. 

 "Arielle.. "
 I hear someone call my name and I push away from him immediately with my breathing hard as I turn back to see Hartley standing by the entrance and staring between the two of us before his gaze finally lands in me. 

 "I need to talk to you. "
 He says and somehow, I feel like what he wants to say seem important cause of the expression he's holding. 
I sigh and nod before getting up, say from Chase but instead, he holds my hand and pull me back towards me. 

 "You're not going anywhere. Can't you see that she's busy? Whatever it is that you want to tell her, tell her right here. "
 He snaps and I sigh  shaking my head. 
I know it isn't really what he's gonna tell me that's important to chase but the fact that he's getting me away from him. 

 "I will be back as soon as I can. I promise. "
 I smile at him and he sighs but nods before I walk out together with Hartley. 
I notice everyone turn to look at me when I walk back. 
Have I suddenly turn to a celebrity now that I get to be with Chase? 
I can see the girls glaring at me and I couldn't help but to chuckle at their childish act. 

 Hartley and I keep walking till we get deep into the forest and there's no one in sight anyone anymore. 
I wouldn't have followed anyone this far but it seems like what he want ti say is important and I trust Harry wouldn't do anything bad to me either. 

 I raise my brows at him signalling for him to say whatever it is he wants to say and he sighs before giving back a little. 

 "I want you to know that what I'm about to tell you right now have nothing to do with me really. I was asked it do it but after getting to know you, I don't want to and I feel like its not right also. "
 He shakes his head and now, I'm more than eager to listen to whatever it is that he wants to say. 

 "Okay, here it goes. Well, Brianna wants me to kidnap you, deceive you then rape you. " 
 He says and I couldn't help but to burst into a fit of laughter. 
Is this some kind of joke or what? 
I raise my head to look at him and tame it as a no. 
Nope, he isn't joking. He really means it. 

 Brianna wants him to rape me? 
 Wait! Is that why he has brought me feel into this forest? 
He wants to rape me? Oh god.


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