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       {😜Bad Boy In Love😜}

             Episode       95.


The coach leads us to take our tents and I grab two before walking away to where the tent would be set up. 
As chase gets down and walk towards me, students start running towards him especially the girls but the securities blocked them out and they all mumble before turning to me and each of them giving me a cold stare that I couldn't help but to laugh. 

 "I can set it up. "
He says and I look up at him before shaking my head. 

 "No it's nothing. Leave it, I can do it. "
 I smile at him before bending back and grabbing the tent but he holds it from my hand and I shake my head, grabbing it from his hand. 

 "Why are you so fucking stubborn. I told you that I can hold it so leave it please! "
 He shouts and I shake my head. 

"No, I will but! I grabbed this thing first so there's no way in hell I'm letting you have it so please leave it. Must you argue with me over this?! "
 I snap, rolling my eyes at him and he glares at me from inside the mask that he's using over his face. 

 "No I'm not the one arguing. Just leave the damn thing! "
 He shifts again and I shake my head. 
I grab it from my side and he pulls from his side, I gasp when I see the thing is about to stretch and cut then I let go of my side and chase falls flat to the floor. 

 Thanks to the securities that blocked us around so student weren't able to see him but I laugh hard and bring out my phone, capturing the exact moment and I shake my head. 
Oh chase. 

 He glare at me as he stares up and I stick out my tongue to him before keeping the phone back in the pocket. 
I tend to grab the thing again but he pulls it away from my hand. 

 "Okay you two stop. I've been watching you. You guys are behaving like kids. Cone on, bring it I will do it for you guys. "
 Davis stretches his hand to us and I breathe out before giving it to him. 
 I watch him sit up the tent and within minutes, he was done. 
I breathe out and quickly glance at Chase before grabbing my things and walking inside the tent. 
I drop my bag at the corner and bring out my phone again. It's already getting so late. 

 Seconds later, he walks in and I gulp in, tearing my gaze away from him. 
I stare down at the floor and stare at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do and he hovers on top of me. 
I know cause I can feel his breathing from where I'm sitting. 

 "We need to talk. "
 He mutters quietly and I raise my head to look at him, shaking. 

 "Yeah, we need to. "


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