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         {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

           Episode 94.



 My mouth falls open as the coach says that chase would be matched with Arielle. 
Damn! The look on Brianna's face is priceless. 
She looks like she's about to kill someone especially when the coach shrugged her off even after she complained. I laugh and Shake my head and I suddenly think about it. 

 Coach said it was Brianna and chase before. What could have happened for the sudden change in plans? 

 Oh my god. 
I turn to Ian and he is staring at me from where he's standing. 
He winks at me and I shake my head. 
So that's what he meant when he said he has a plan. 
The plan was to make them realize their own feelings themselves. 
There's no way that wouldn't happen when they are gonna be in the same room all night fur the next two days. 
I just hope they don't go beyond making out. 
And if they did... I don't even want to think about it. 

 I turn to Ian again and blow him a kiss. 
If he could get Arielle and chase together then why wouldn't he get the two of us together? 
I was looking forward to be in the same tent with him. 
The things I've planned to do overnight definitely can't be possible now.
 I pout at him and he chuckles, shaking his head and mouthing a no as if he already knows what I'm thinking about. 
That's how it always mostly about. 
He always seen it know what I'm thinking about and I have no idea how he does that. 
It's like our minds are connected or something. Making us one. 

 He winks at me again before turning away and taking his gaze to the girl beside him.
She shouldn't try anything funny though I trust Ian but still, girls can be really tempting. 
I still have no idea why guys are paired to girls when it should be same gender paired together. 

 Girls and girls. Guys and guys.
Well, I guess it would be a opportunity for some like Arielle and chase to finally sort out their feelings. 

 "Sasha. "
 The guy beside me calls and I turn to him smiling as he passed me a tent and I mouth a thank you at him. 


  I'm paired with this girl. 
I thought or actually I had hoped I would be paired with flower. 
I like her seriously. 
She can be very tough and annoying plus really rude but I know behind all this things he's doing to cover who she really is, there's a soft hearted and kind flower inside. 

 She's just angry. That's all, with the fact that no one is reaching up to her is what made her angry. 
She's in love with someone that can never be here. 
I've been noticing and watching her and I've found out that she's in love with Ian. 
That's why she has been bullying Arielle when she finds out that they were getting closer and now her problem is Sasha. 

 But there's nothing he can do about this. 
Sasha and Ian loves each other so much. Too much that they almost made me envy they love sometimes. 

 Flower should forget about Ian and I'm tending on making her forget about him. 
It will be hard case she can be very crazy but I know that I can do it. 
I will break her walls and managed her the best person that she's afraid of becoming. 
 The kind flower. 


 I can't believe this right now. 
I can't believe that stupid Coach. 
How dare he! 
How dare he pairs my fiance with someone else and tell me that this isn't a honeymoon. 
This is rubbish and that stupid Arielle girl. 
I can feel her mentally dancing when her name was called with chase and she said they ding have anything to do together? 
Who exactly is she trying to fool? 

 Well, I can't take it and I won't!
I won't let the two of them together in a room all alone for two nights. 
I must do something. 

  I grab my phone and move far away from the others so no one would hear what I'm talking about. 

 📱 Brianna. 
His voice comes in and I smile as I clear my throat. 

 📱 The plan is ruined and we are paired in the way that wasn't plan is thus is what we are gonna do. 
I'm gonna lure Arielle out of that text tonight, she thinks that I'm her friend so it shouldn't be hard to do. 
When I do, you should be ready. I will tell you where I will bring her later but when I do, you have to rape her. 
Countless times. As many times as you can then make it a video of it. 
And let your face me shown but make it a video. 
Make it look like she agreed willingly also. 
Let's see how she would try to be with Chase after that. 
She wouldn't even dare show her face to him. 

 📱 Um.. Okay, I will do that. 

 📱 Do the job diligently and You mustn't be found out. Hartley. Let her think you're her friend until you do the job.



  1. Wow! So beautiful. Thank my author

  2. I knew it!!!,I knew that hartley guy
    Is a set up the moment chase walked in on them, like he knew chase was coming,he shifted to sit very close to Arielle, the second time chase came to drop her things,he grabbed her...
    Oh Brianna, once ur deeds comes to light,I bet not even chase's father would want to have a wicked bitch as a daughter in-law, your plan 's not gonna work,cos chase is right there.
    This is for you author 💌.

  3. This is serious Brianna u are mad oo u will surely fail

  4. Hmmm so cute Hartly is just Brianna mole

    dont harm Ariel abeg

  5. Chase is gonna pursue you Hartley



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