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          {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

             Episode    86.


I stare at the strange guy in front of me who smiles at me then looks down at something in his hand before raising his head again. 

I have never seen him before and I don't think I know him either so why is he here? 

Expect he's looking for Brianna cause I have no idea who he is. 

 "um, sorry to disturb you. I was just looking for my room. I can't find it. "

 He says and I make a sound between a gasp and a cough. 

His accent. He has strong English accent. 

I stare at him as he stares at something in his hand again.

He's white. Yeah, has deep blue eyes and he has a lip ring. 

That's all a lip and nose ring then two small shiny black earrings in his ears. 

I wonder how chase would look like with piercings. 

Oh god. Now, I'm thinking of him again. 

 "Um, are you okay? "

 His voice jots me out of my thoughts and I shake my head, looking at him as I try a smile. 

 "Um, yeah sorry. I was just thinking about something. Let me have your key. "

 I stretch my hand to him and he places the key in my hand. 

I search for the number like ria did earlier and he's just next room to mine. 

 "Next door. "

 I smile at him as I give him Back the key and he smiles, his dimples popping out. 

Wow. He has deep dimples and not faint ones like chase. 

God. Why am I thinking about that guy again. 

 "Um, thank you. What's your name by the way? "

 He raises his brows at me and I almost tell him to just go away but the look he had on made me think otherwise. 

Telling him my name wouldn't hurt. Would it? 


 So much for just telling him my name. 

Now he's inside the living room and I can't stop laughing as he tells me some stories. 

He's keeping me company and thanks to him, I already forgot what happened here minutes or is it hours ago. 

Apparently, his name is Hartley Klein and he wants to be a singer just like the boyfriends. 

Said it has been a dream of his since he first heard their song which is why he's here at the school right now. 

He's a transfer student and just arrived here last week which is probably why I didn't recognize him. 

He has been doing all the talking. All I did was smile or laugh at his words.

He's a quite funny guy. Funnier than he looks and I like his accent. It's cool and it makes him seem... I don't know maybe sexy. 

 I smile as I stare at him. 

He's currently telling me a story of when he was young. 

 I smile as him as I listen keenly until he finished. 

 "So, tell me your story. "

 He smiles at me and I shake my head. 

I don't think I have it in me to tell stories right now thanks to someone. 

 "No, I will pass. "

 I shake my head and he stares at me before he suddenly moves to sit on the couch next to me. 

 "You don't look good. Is something wrong"

 He asks, worry clouding over his features. 

I made it took obvious, Uh? 

 "I guess my poker face is that bad, Yh? "

 I sniff as I try to smile, to smile away the pain but it didn't work for me befire so apparently , it wouldn't work for me now. 

  "Who hurt you? "

 I told myself I wouldn't trust a stranger anymore and even though, this guy in front of me feels so right. I still won't say anything. 

I made the same mistake with Ethan and now, I'm regretting it. 

 "Um, it's nothing you have to...... "

 I start saying when the door suddenly bursts open and chase walks in, breathing heavily as he stares between me and the guy.




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