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        {😜Bad Boy In Love😜}

          EPISODE     84.


I sigh as I take the long hallway back to the room given to me. 

I don't want to linger around the hall where I would be seeing him. 

I don't want to see him anymore. It hurts so much. 

Especially seeing him with Brianna and there's nothing I can do about it. 

I've never feel this hurt ever in my life. 

My heart hurts so much and I feel like ripping it out of my chest. 

Out of everyone, I never saw him as one that would hurt me. 

I trust him and disclosed my privacy to him. 

I let him get closer to it but it was all a lie. 

He lied to me to use me. Probably to get back to me for what I did at the first day of school. 

He played me around like a game while he's happily engaged and like a fool, I followed his every move. 

I let myself to be played cause I let myself to be lost in his world. 

I should have knew it was too good to be true but for once, just for once in my life. I thought I deserved to be happy. 

Well, clearly that was wrong cause he only sees me as a plaything whereas I saw him as a friend. 

A very really close friend. 

I just done get how I could have not known? 

 No, I knew. 

I knew exactly from the first day I saw him but due it my foolishness, I didn't admit it. 

I got played over and over again thanks to my foolishness.

The proofs were there, I could have found out so many times but I choose to ignore. 

I wish I had never met him. 

Every last memory hurts than the first. 

It hurts so much.. Badly, I can feel it deep down to my bones. 

I must have really liked him so much for keeping to be hurt this way.

 I plop down on the bed and bury my face inside the pillow. 

 I still remember clearly the first time I saw him. 

I fell into the pool accidentally at Calvin's place and when I had woke up, he's staring at me. 

I wondered who he could be and I admired his face. 

He smiled at me and that's when I fell into the trap. 

I remember clearly asking who he is and I remember him telling me, hesitating for a moment, before telling me he's chase's cousin. 

I felt kinda weird that day. Like something was off but of course, I shrugged it off. 

Foolish me. 

 Every memory is coming back. To haunt be definitely. 

I can remember the first kiss we had. 

I can still remember it was in the hospital. 

He acted as though he was concerned about me but that's probably a lie also. 

Everything he has been telling me are all a lie. 

Every single thing. 

 I raise my head up and wipe away my tears. 

I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry. 

He isn't worth my tears, I'm not gonna cry because of him. 

I sniff as I stand up and stare at myself in the mirror. 

This. I promise myself, I would never fall trap into any guy ever again. 

 Just as I'm about to lay back down on the bed, the doorbell rings and I sigh before getting up and walking towards it. 

I wonder who could be there and what the person wants. 

Maybe it's ria. 

She must be worried after I ran out of the hall earlier. 

Wait. Ria wasn't in that hall, so who could it be? 

 I shake my head and walk towards the door. 

I open it and my eyes almost bulge out of my sockets as I stare at him.



  1. Allow him to explain please. Thank you my writer

  2. Phil or Chase... just let him explain pls

  3. Who is it again cos I don't want to guess anything right now😒😪😪😪



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