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What if I did love her ? What if I don't.

"You'll have to look into your heart and  decide on what your heart really wants." He smiled and patted my shoulder.

"I don't know what to think right now."I sigh.

" no matter how hard one tries you can't ever deny your true feelings. Do the right thing man." He winked and stood up before walking away.

I really wanna talk to Ariel but I know she is not gonna listen to anything I've told say.

I stood up and went through the direction she went. Luckily I found her at the back.

She was shuddering. My heart bleeds seeing those tears.

Its all my fault and its because of me she's in this state.

"Ariel I...." 

"Haven't you done enough already???? Stay the hell away from me chase!!" She yelled more tears.

"Am sorry but I can't. I admitted I made a mistake but am sorry and you'll have to listen to me."I moved closer to her and lifted her up to my length.

" go away bastard!!! I hate You so much." She yelled hitting my chest with her hands but I held them tightly and tries to hug her but she pushed me away.

"Leave me alone." With that she walked away again.

Dammn!! It Chase screw you!! I punched something hard in frustration.

You have q fiancee remember? Haven't you done enough damage already?

My subconscious mind told me.

I sigh and left. Its no use she won't even listen to what I've got to say.

She's taking the whole thing too far.

I just wish she could calm down and listen to what I'd do say.



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