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  {😜Bad Boy in love 😜}

     Episode   82.


I groan as I watch her walk away from my sight and I intend on going after her but that would only make her angry so I just stayed hack. 
I never thought this would come out this soon. 
I was planning in keeping it from her till the end but I guess I am wrong anyways. 
She found out now and she isn't taking it lightly.
i thought we would make memories with this trip but it seems like memories made us. 
I don't think she would ever want to talk to me again especially after witnessing me kiss Brianna and after knowing that I'm Brianna's fiance. 

 I yell angrily before sitting down at the deck and sigh heavily, kicking my leg against the water. 
How exactly did it turned this way? 
How did we turned this way? 
I have thought I could enjoy all these few moments with her but it turned this way? 
This shit is just depressing me. 
I want to go after her and explain everything to her. 
The reasons I did what I did, I want to tell her everything but I know I can't tell her so what's the essence of trying anyways. 

 How will I tell her with only for me to leave anyways? 

 "Are you okay? "
 I hear a voice behind me and I don't have to turn back before I know who it is anyways. 
I sigh and nod my head and he says beside me. 

 "I think I just saw Arielle running out of the hall. What happened between you two? "
 He asks as he turns to look at me and I roll my eyes at him. 

 "Don't you have Sasha to the care of, why are you butting in my business? "
 I groan and he chuckles, shaking his head while I roll my eyes. 

 "I'm just trying to be a good friend and trying to help you. 
Besides, you know nothing about girls since the only thing you have been doing is fucking them. "
 Well obviously, the only one I want to duck right now I Arielle. 
Fucking hell.
Where the fuck did that came from? 

 "You like Arielle, am I right? "
 The dick because me asks and I roll my eyes. 
Since his specialty now is to start messing with other people's buiness since Sasha is back for him anyways. 

 "I'm not. I have a fiance. "
 I roll my eyes and he chuckles again. 
I have no idea what's so funny that he must keeps doing that. 

 "One that you don't love." 
 "It doesn't matter, I'm getting married to her anyways. Who's the trouble in trying to fight it off? "
I shake my head and he sighs. 

 "you haven't answer my question though. 
Do you love her or you don't? "
 He asks again and I groan, rolling my eyes. 
I don't know. Do I love her? 
Do I love Arielle? 

 If wanting to see someone every damn single time. 
If wanting to always seem them happy. 
If their smile lights up something in you and makes you feel like the most happiest guy on earth. 
If you always want to be with them and always want to hold them in your arms. 
If you enjoy their company and always wanting to get close to them. 
If you get so angry whenever you see them with another guy, even though they have nothing together but you get angry anyways. 
If you would do anything just to be with them every damn second. 
If you promise yourself that you would stay away from them but always ending up going back on your words . 

 If your beats beats so fast against your chest whenever you're with them. 

 If any of these happens when you're in love with someone then maybe it's true anyways. 

 Maybe I do love Arielle. 
I do love her.



  1. Of course you love her. Thank you author

  2. Of course you do

    What is gonna happen now?
    Will Chase stand for their love to strengthen or giv up?

  3. He loves her oh🤗🤗😍😍

  4. My guy u are in love with her. Just admit it


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