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   {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

     Episode    81.


 I don't know how I could not have noticed all these days. 
The clues were there. Waiting for me but I was just ignorant to them and didn't pay attention cause I was too caught up with Ethan or should I say Chase. 

  Chase also came wet earlier. Were you guys together? 

   So you're telling us that you hate Chase? 

  What if you found out for instance... Just imagine that I'm chase. What would you do then? 

 These small hints were made by Davis. Stephan avd even chase himself but I was so ignorant to them that I didn't see the truth. 

 That's why he's always wearing chase clothes. 
That's why he's always disappearing whenever chase is around. 
Chase is Ethan. Ethan is chase and I have been so dumb not to have known all these time. 
He was fooling now all along and I stupidly danced to his tunes. 

 It would have been alright if he's only chase, without me knowing any other thing but the fact that he's Brianna's fiance. 
It hurts so damn much. 
He's someone else's fiance and yet he played with me and I allowed it. 

 I can remember him kissing her while I walked into that room earlier. 
That's why. The reason he has been staring at me. 
It's fun all along! 
It's chase. It's Ethan! 
He lied to me and he used me! 
I thought he was different but he's the same person. 
The person that I've always dislike and despite. 
I told him everything. 
I exposed every of my feelings to him. 
He was the first to know how I feel about Ian. 
I trusted him and allowed him to get close to me but he only uses me. 
This hurts... Badly than I ever thought it would.
It hurts so deeply. 
I never thought I could get hurt this much. 
Even when I found out Ian is getting engaged to Sasha, I never got hurt this much but this... It hurts so badly. 
Even worse than getting injured. 
It hurts worse than getting beaten almost to the brink of death. 

 And what? Be his girlfriend for the next two days of camp? Who does he think he is to be using me like that. How the hell can he play with my feelings like this? 

 Tears rolls down my cheeks as I stare at the pool in front of me. 
I feel like just jumping into the pool and allowing the water drown all my pain away. 

 "Arielle... "
 I hear the voice call. The voice that I once adore but now despise. 
I turn to him with the tears still rolling down my cheeks. 
He has taken his mask off now. 
To do what exactly? 
He thinks he can fool me again? 
After kissing Brianna and enjoying her in his arms, he's back to me? 
To use and have his way with me again? 
To use me like he has been doing all these while? 
I knew he was rude and grumpy and I dislike him but I never thought he could be this way.. I never thought I could be used this way. 

 "Why the hell are you crying? Arielle! Who hurt you? Who dared to... "
 He starts coming closer to me but I hold my hand up and he stops on his tracks, surprise written all over his face. 
He must have not expected me to do that or found out who he truly is. 

 "Chase... "
 I whisper and his eyes goes widens. 
So it's really true. He is chase. 
I know this already but I had a little hope that maybe I was wrong but his expression gave it all. 

 "So it's really you. You've been lying to me all these while, you are really chase. How dare you didn't thus? How dare you deceive me?! "
 I yell and quickly wipe away my tears. 
I won't cry in front if him. 
I won't give him the satisfaction of him watching me cry in front of me. 

 "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. "
 He says calmly and I shake my head immediately. 
He... He is sorry? 
Of course he is but sorry. This is all part of his stupid dirty game! And I've allowed myself to fall as a prey! 

 I gulp in and start to walk away when he grab my hand. 
Out of anger and pain, I shake him off me harshly and hardly that he almost lost his balance. 

 "Arielle. "
 He starts to call and I shake my head immediately. 

 "Don't you fucking try that say with me Ethan! Or oh, should I say chase? "
 I laugh. 
I'm crazy, I know. I have two choices. 
I can either break down in front of him or I can hide my pain under the laugh. 
The second one seems like a better option. 

 "I swear to you Arielle. I didn't meant harm that's his, I know I'm at fault and I should have told you but I just don't know how you would react and I... "

 "Well congratulations chase. Now you know how I've reacted. "
 I laugh again before turning back swiftly and running off. 

 I don't want to ever see his disgusting stupid face ever again. 
I mean it. 

 I hate him. I hate chase!


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