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       {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

         Episode 80.


I've been watching her ever seen she appeared in that room and I feel so bad that she had to see me kiss Brianna. Not that she knows it's me at the moment but I guess feel like I'm cheating on her even though we are nothing.. At the moment.
My plan was to initially spend the moment with her today and tomorrow till we get back from camping. 
Make the best memories before we go back to our worlds and to reality cause I know we aren't for each other. 
We are from two different worlds. 
I'm getting engaged to Brianna soon and there's nothing I can do about it. 
I was gonna get on the bus with her. Forget about everything else and just live the little moment that I have with her but of course that witch would never allow me. 
She had to call my fucking day and report that I haven't been with her.
Father called me and scolded me. Shifted and all that shits and there's no way in hell I can disobey my father. 
Only god knows what he would do if I did. 

 I had to obey father wish and go to the camping alone. When I arrived there , all I could think of is Arielle.  
She must be so angry at me right now. 
I just left her like that and her things are with me also. 

 I'm such a dick. 
I can remember the look on her face when she entered that room. She looks so confused and stressed out and I know it's because if me. 
It took all in me not to have run into her arms immediately she entered the room. 

 I don't even know why that fucking bitch kissed me but I couldn't pull away either. It will be suspicious. 

  When I walk out of that room, I wanted to give her a call and remove the mask so I would give her everything but I didn't had them balls to do that. 
It's dangerous if there's changing into myself then changing into Ethan for her. 
I'm gonna get caught in the end and I can't. 
I don't want her to find out about it yet. 
Not here at least. 

 And now she's here again with Sasha and Fiona and my mind are fine once again. 
I'm staring at her,only her face.

 She looks around the group and smiles. 
That fucking smile that I love to see.
 That smile that has suddenly begin to light up my world. 
She stares around the whole thing in the entire room. 
She must be looking for me, I think. 

She looks at me as her eyes lands on me and she stares at me for a while before looking away and I was about to smile at her attitude when she suddenly turns back to me. 
This time staring keenly at me with her eyes focused on.... My chest? 
I don't really understand what she's staring at. 

 I raise my brows but she doesn't even see me.. She just keep staring at my chest but when she raises her head at me, I raise my brows and her gaze meets mine. 
Hurt and anger wrong in her eyes and I wonder what that's about. 
What.   She's wrong with her? 

 I was about to talk, maybe ask instantly indirectly why she's like that when Brianna suddenly jumps on me and sit on my lap and wrap her hands round my neck. 
I watch Arielle's eyes widens before she stands up and run away. 
 My first instinct is to run after her and even though the bitch is perched on my leg. 
I stand up pushing her away from my keg then standing up to my feet and rubbing after Arielle. 

 I run as fast as I could to catch her but she's so damn fast and I ended up loosing her.
I sigh before going around the damn whole building searching for her. 
I breathe out when I finally find her near the swimming pool. 
I thought she hates swimming. 

 I smile before removing my mask, keeping it in my pocket then walking towards her. 
 "Hey.. "
 I smile at her and she turns back to me with tears rolling down her cheeks. 
What? Why the hell is she crying?

 "Why the hell are you crying Arielle! Who hurt to? Really be who... "
 I try moving closer to her but she raises her hand and stop me. 
Okay something is definitely wrong. 
No matter how angry Arielle is, she could have never stopped me. 
Year, she could have hit me or shout at me but not this. 

 "Chase... "
 She muttered and my eyes widens immediately.



  1. Wow!She found out already. Thank you my writer

  2. Finally she received small sense 😪😂 😂

  3. At last she sensed it

    What is gonna happen now
    I guess nothing can ever be the same

  4. She recognized u finally

    she isn't a fool u know

    u wear the same cloth and just remove mask and u think she will remain daft

    It really hurt



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