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       {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

      Episode   79.


I walk back gently as I stare at flower who has a smirk plastered across her face. 
I groan before looking back at Brianna and she's watching the two of us. 

 "Oh Arielle, I've missed you so damn much. Why haven't you been in school all these while baby? "
 She grins and I shake my head before proceeding to walk out the door but she steps in front of me. 

 I sigh, walking back and I cross my arms over my chest. 
What the hell is her problem? 
I even then she has a bigger problem then Brianna does. 

 "what do you want from me flower? "
 I scoff informally and she must have been surprised that I spoke to her like that cause she remains quiet for some minutes before bursting into laughter and I roll my eyes. 

 "Arielle, I'm really surprised. I didn't figure out you were gonna be on alert and brave like she said. "
 I roll my eyes again before looking back at Brianna who now has her eyes on her phone.
 Before flower could say anything again, thankfully for me. The door opens and I breathe out in relief as Sasha and Fiona walks in. 
At least the two doesn't hate me like the other two does. 

 "Is everything alright? "
 Sasha asks as she takes in the atmosphere of the room. 
Even a new born baby can know the atmosphere is thick in here. 

 "Yea, everything is alright was just telling Arielle some things."
 Flower smiles before turning back to me. 

 "Right Arielle? "
 She raises her brows and I roll my eyes before walking over to sasha side. 

 "Um, what are you doing here Arielle? I didn't know you were here "
 Sasha smiles at me and I nod before grabbing her hand and pulling her out while Fiona trails behind us. 

 "Ethan did this. He pays for me to stay here. "
 I smiled and she returns it. 

 "oh my god that is so sweet of him. "
 She grins and I nod, staring at my feet before raising my head to look at her. 

 "I don't know where he is though. I've been looking for him all these while. I saw his car outside before we came in but I'm haven't seen him anywhere. 
Actually we were both coming from school but he suddenly disappeared avd I couldn't find him since then.
 I sigh and she shrugs. 

 "It's okay. I'm sure he's just around. "
 She says but I'm not convinced. 
I nod anyways and she smiles before grabbing my hand and pulling me back toward the room. 

 "It's dinner time. Are you guys coming or not? "
 She asks and only fiona is behind us while the two devils stares at each other before turning back to us. 

 "We would be there in minutes. We just have things to do. "
 I looks over at flower and she's staring at me with a smirk across her face. 
I don't know why the girl  just hates me but I sure as hell don't like her either. 
I don't know if it's because she's always bullying me or taunting me or because of the weird vibe I always get whenever she's around but I just don't like her avd that doesn't happen often. 
I may dislike someone yeah but it takes a lot for me to hate someone and I totally and completely hate flower. 
I hate Brianna even less. 

 "Okay then. Let's go Ariel  "
 Sasha pulls me along and we walk down the stairs before arriving in front of a door. 
Sasha opens the door and we all walk in. 
I gasp as I like around. It's a really large hall and it's really beautiful stucked with food. 

 I tried searching for ria but I can't find her and when I look around the faces around here. I noticed almost all of them are celebrities. 

 I gulp in before clinging to Fiona and sasha as some stares be as I walk by.
They must be wondering what the hell I'm doing here if I'm not a celebrity. 

 "Hey, Arielle. "
 Davis says when we reach their table avd I smile back before sitting beside Calvin. 
A girl whom I presumed is Davis girlfriend is sitting beside him.
She's so beautiful. 
I greet Calvin and Stephan before staring down. 
Ethan isn't here either. 
Why the hell can't he be anywhere? 

 I sigh and raise my gaze and that's when my gaze meets with Chase who is just across the table from me. 
Why has he been staring at me since? 
I just don't understand. 
He was staring at me in the room also.

 I roll my eyes and about to turn away when my eyes caught something. 
Wait! Isn't this the same clothes ethan was putting on?



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