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   {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

        Episodes  78.


My mouth hangs open as I stare at Brianna who is also staring at me with her brows raised and a smirk playing at the corner of her lips. 
Why is she smirking at me? 

 She's putting on a short nightgown which exposes her breasts and barely reaches her mid thigh. 
Oh dear god. 
Please don't tell me she's gonna be my roommate. 

 "How can I help you? "
 She speaks up and I gulp in as I stare at ria who stares back at me. 

 "Are you gonna talk or not? I don't have time for this please! "
 She says and I gulp in again, bowing my head a little. 
Out of everyone that could have been chosen as my roommate.
I'm not sure this is gonna end up well for me. 

 "Um.. She's.. Well, she's your roommate. "
 Ria final speaks up and I watch Brianna looks around as if searching for who ria is talking about and I almost roll my eyes. 

 "Who? Who is my roommate? "
 She asks again and ria points to me. 

 "How can she be my roommate? This isn't the students suite. 
It's for celebrities only and I don't think I've ever seen you in a magazine or on TV. "
 She smirks and I roll my eyes. 

 "I don't have to be a celebrity to be here madam. 
Anyways this is the proof if you need it. 
I'm your roommate and it's has been a long journey so I suggest you please get out of the road. 
I need a bed. "
 I groan and she seems shocked. 
She must be surprised about my choice of words but this isn't school and I'm not gonna allow her to treat me like trash. 
 "okay , let's say you're my roommate then who in the god's name is she? ''
 She points her finger to ria who stares at me as if asking if I'm gonna be alright. 
I smile and nod at her and she sighs here before walking away. 

 "Where are your things? "
 Brianna asks as I try walking inside and I cross my arms against my chest. 

 "None of your business. Now, would you let me in? "
 I groan and she tilts her head to the side before nodding, moving away from the door and I walk inside. 

 A gasp slides through my mouth as I stare at the room. 
Is this really just a room? 
I doesn't look like a room. 
There's a living room. Bar room. Lots of equipments for gym at a corner and there's the kitchen. 
There is also two doors at the corner and which I think must be the rooms. 
Oh thank god. 
At least we wouldn't have to use the same room. 

 I turn to look at Brianna when the door to one of the room opens and a guy walks out of the room. 
I know instantly that it's chase cause of his mask. 

 He seems to be staring at me immediately he lands eyes on me and I look away from him, shifting uncomfortably from one feet to another. 
What is he doing here? 
Why is he here? 
Oh right! 
Davis said he's Brianna's fiance, no surprise he's here. 
So that's probably why she wore that. 

 "Baby, are you leaving already? "
 Brianna's irritating voice sounds and I roll my eyes before raising my head to the see chase still staring at me. 
Why does he keeps looking at me.

 "Yeah. "
 He simply replies and turns back to Brianna who wraps her arms round his neck and I watch the two of them kiss.  
 I huff before walking into the other room and i stare at it. 
Wow, it's really spacious and looking nice also. 
Mainly painted in white, there are others paintings also but mainly white. 

 I plop down on the bed as I stare at the ceiling. 
Where could Ethan have suddenly went to? 
I haven't seen him. 
Right, must be in this area since he's the cousin to a celebrity and I'm sure the other boyfriends would be here also. 
I should probably go search for him, if not for anything to get my things from him cause I know he's here. 
I saw his car outsidejust now. 

 I walk out of the room and Brianna is sitting on the couch in the living room with headphones around her head and phone in hand.

 I ignore her as I walk towards the door, about to open it when it suddenly opens by itself, hitting against me and I stumble backwards. 

 Flower walks in smirking at me and I scoff as she closes the door behind her and stares at me. 

 "Well, well. Well. Look who's back. 
I'm been waiting for you Arielle, trust me this is gonna be fun. "
 She smiles and I breathe out  

 This is definitely not gonna be a peaceful camping for me.




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