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       {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

            Episode   77.


"Hey, is everything alright? "
 Ria asks as I take a seat next to her and I shake my head before smiling. 
I just still can't figure out why Ethan suddenly runs off. 
He was just behind me, where could he have run off? 
Perhaps he had a emergency? But still, he was just right behind me. 

 "Nothing. How have you been? "
 I smile at her and she shrugs. 

 "I'm find. I'm glad you were able to meet up with us but I taught a guy was coming behind you earlier. "
 Oh thank god  I thought I was daydreaming so he was really behind me and suddenly disappear. 
This is giving me a headache and I don't even have my phone with me to call him. 
My phones is with him already. 
I'm just gonna give him a piece of my mind when we get to the camp. 
He would explain to me why the hell he suddenly ran off. 

 "Yea, he was right behind me but he had something to do so I guess he left. 
He would probably meet up with us, we came with a car."
 I smile and she nods before giving me a earphone from the one she's using. 

 I plug it in my ear and within moments I'm laughing already. 
Totally forgetting about what I want worried about just minutes ago. 

 The car finally stops and when I look up, we have drove into a hotel. 
I smile as I look at the big hotel in front of us. 

 We start getting off one by one and I give ria her earphone before helping her to grab her bags since I have none to grab anyways. 

 We get out if the car and I look around the compound. 
Many cars around. 
I smile as my eyes lands on Ethan's car, so he's here already but why did he suddenly left? 

 The man that's guiding us in the car gets down and suddenly start calling some names . They were given keys and they all start walking inside. 

 "I trust you have registered right? "
 Ria asks from behind me and I shake my head. 
I didn't think about that. 
I forgot I had to register before we we go camping. 
Oh god. This is a disaster. 
Maybe I shouldn't have come anyways. 
First, I can't find Ethan whom we are supposed to be here together and now I forgot I didn't register for the damn camping! 

 "What? You didn't?! Then how do you except to come in there? How couldn't you have fought about registering?! "
 Ria starts scolding me and her voice was called. 
She sighs and collects her bag from me before walking away but she stop behind the man calling the name. 
 There's only one key in his hand and there's two of us standing. 
I'm sure that key is definitely for the brunette girl standing few meters away from me cause I'm the one that definitely didn't register in here. 

 I sigh and close my eyes, about to turn and just enter the bus.
I could just stay there till I find Ethan or he comes to find me. 

 "Arielle Lawson. "
 My name is call and my eyes widens as I turn back immediately. 
What the.. M? 
But how? 
I mean I didn't register for this camping. 
How come my name is called as one of those that registered for it? 

 "Here. "
 The man gives me the key and I bow to him as I stare at the key in my hand. 

 "Ethan. He asked me to tell you that. " 
 He says and my smile grows. 
Oh my god. Ethan did this? 
I wonder how much he must have paid to get me registered but where the hell is he? 
Why isn't he showing up right now? 

 I walk over to ria who engulfs me in a hug before grabbing the key from my hand and gasping. 

 "Oh my god. you got the celebrities suite. "
 She grins and I raise my brows at her, not understanding anything about what she's saying. 

 "What are you talking about? "
 I raise my brows and she chuckles before pulling me along. 

 "There are two types of place you'll be in . 
The students ones and the celebration ones. 
you got the celebrities own. How did you do this? "
 She grins and I smile as I stare my key. 
Ethan got it for me. 
I wish I could see him right now. 

  "Come on, lets go find your roommate. "
 She grins and she drags me forward while I just trail behind her since I know nothing about this place but it seems ria has been here more than once. 

 "How do I know my room? "
 I ask her and she shrugs. 

 "It's always on top of your key. Like here, your key here says room 15"
 She grins and continue dragging me along. 
We take the straits till we arrive at another part of the mansion and my mouth hangs open immediately. 

 This place is so much beautiful than the one that we saw downstairs. 
No wonder it's preserved for the celebrities. 

  "Here room 15"
 We stop at the door and knock on it while I just stare around. 

  The door opens and my mouth hangs open as I stare at whom is going to be my roommate.



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